QuillBot Review – Is It A Good Tool For Paraphrasing?

quillbot review

As a writer myself in several capacities, I have tried and tested various writers’ assistant tools. Be it a grammar checker, citation tool, paraphrasing tool, or plagiarism checker. 

And right off the bat, I can tell you Quillbot is a comprehensive writing tool worth giving a shot at. Quillbot comes with the latest AI technology and offers all the necessary writing tools, like, a paraphrasing tool, summarizer, grammar checker, co-writer, citation generator, and plagiarism checker under one roof.

The spotlight feature of Quillbot is the Quillbot paraphrasing tool and the good news is you can access this feature in the free version of the software as well.

So, let’s dive deeper into the various features of Quillbot to help you save time with writing.

What is Quillbot?

Quillbot is a popular AI writing tool with many features under one umbrella. The crown feature of Quillbot is still its paraphrasing tool that helps you reword your document in multiple ways. 

Besides Quillbot paraphrase, the tool has added a suite of features to give you a holistic experience in your next writing project.

For example, Quillbot grammar helps you check grammar by letting you avoid typos, spelling errors, and a host of other grammatical issues. It should be the best tool for writing content at an affordable price. 

The capabilities that the tool offers o not end at just the paraphrasing and grammar-checking capabilities. It offers you a huge range of options and features, such as

  • Paraphrasing tool features
  • Grammar tool
  • Plagiarism checker
  • Co-writing assistant
  • The summarising tool
  • Citation generation

Quillbot was formed in 2017 and boasts over 50 million users today. QuillBot works as a web-based application, but it can also work as a plugin with Microsoft Word, Google Chrome, and Google Docs. 

quillbot review

How does Quillbot work – How to use QuillBot features?

The functioning of QuillBot is quite similar to other AI writing tools. You just need to upload your documents into the tool, and it will handle the tasks that you throw at it. You can either upload the document or choose to copy-paste the document into the interface.

The tool will analyze the text and suggest the changes you would prefer. The tool is trained on a huge set of data and provides you with rephrased sentences and paragraphs which provide the same meaning as the original text. It retains the meaning of the text. 

It supports a wide range of ways to rewrite the content. A few of them would include Standard, Fluency, and Creative, to name a few.

The Top QuillBot Features – My Honest Review

To understand the proper functionality of QuillBot including online paraphrasing tool capabilities, we will check out the individual features of the tool and find how effective it is in various avatars that offer you its services. 

Quillbot Paraphrasing Tool

The paraphrasing tool helps you reword the post or content that you have entered. Think of it as an article rewriter. QuillBot’s Paraphrasing feature is the prime factor of the tool.

The QuillBot paraphraser lets you rewrite the content and helps you make it more precise. You can change it in several ways as per your preferences. It is a powerful paraphrasing tool that uses AI quite effectively.

You can choose five paraphrasing modes for the paraphrasing requirements – Standard, Fluency, Formal, Simple, and Creative being a few of the examples.

quillbot paraphrasing tool

The paraphrasing tool comes in handy when you want to reword, let’s say, an academic paper to an article for the general community. Or may also polish your writing assignment to a fluent and formal piece.

My personal opinion about the paraphrasing capabilities of the tool would be that it works great with the paraphrasing of a small paragraph. But, when it comes to a longer article or a spin rewriter tool, the software needs further work.

Instead, if you have a long article what you can do is paraphrase the article in parts. The writing process slows down a bit, but it does the job.

Quillbot Grammar Checker

Another great feature of the tool, the Grammar Checker capability, helps the authors a lot in correcting grammatical errors more efficiently. In addition to the grammar, the grammar checker tool also helps you correct the style of the content more efficiently. 

It can be a good pick to help you correct the issues like grammar errors, spelling, and punctuation. I tried it with my samples and found that it did provide a good insight into spelling mistakes and other grammar errors. 

My experience with the QuillBot Grammar Checker though was that it wasn’t as intuitive as Grammarly. It did give you the suggestions, but there is no way to review the suggestions or fix multiple sentences at once.

quillbot grammar checker

 There is no option for a summary of errors that Grammarly detected. You need to hover your mouse on each of the errors to find what the suggestion is all about.

I would have definitely appreciated it if I had the list of all the errors so that I could go on fixing the ones based on what I really wanted to. As we are all aware as the authors, not every grammar correction suggestion is genuine and makes sense. 

Quillbot Summarizer Tool

This tool is designed to help you provide you with the summary of your longer articles, eBooks, research papers, and a host of such long content. The Summarizer tool uses artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language processing (NLP) to summarize your content.  

You can work with it in two modes – Key Sentences Mode and Paragraph Mode. The Keyword Sentences mode extracts the sentences into bullets. The Paragraph mode removes the unwanted fluff from the content and creates a new paragraph that is more cohesive in nature.

quillbot summarizer tool

Quillbot plagiarism checker

The built-in tool helps you find if your content has been marked as plagiarised. It is a good tool for bloggers, students, and freelancers to help avoid plagiarism. Just copy-paste the content into the tool, and you are good to go. The tool checks the content for plagiarism and presents you with the results. 

The feature can also be a good option to help you find the citations that may have been missed. The plagiarism checker works based on credits that come as part of your subscription. If you exhaust your credits, you can buy them separately outside your subscription.

Even with the subscription, you have a limit of 20 pages per month. That can be something quite annoying. If you are using the plagiarism checker once in a while for checking any specific document, that may be fine. Using it regularly will exhaust your limit in no time.

One best features that we found interesting about the QuillBot plagiarism checker tool is that it can even search for plagiarised content in research papers and PDFs. 

Quillbot Citation Generator

The QuillBot Citation Generator is one of the most innovative options offered by the QuillBot bundle. It can be a great tool for essayists, academicians, and students. 

That can be extremely handy when you are writing non-fiction content or academic writing. Simply enter the link, and the tool provides you with all the information about the content. That can be a great pick to help improve your writing.

I have used robust citation tools like Endnote and Mendeley, but the simplicity of Quillbot citation generator is a treat along with so many other useful features.

The citation generator completes all the details that include your citation, including the title, publishing date, and author name. If the generator is not able to find the information due to any reason, you can enter it manually, which is indeed the best option, unlike in the case of most other tools in its genre in 2023. 

And yes, the best thing first – you do not need to have a subscription plan for using a citation generator. It is part of the free version.

QuillBot Co-Writer

The Co-Writer feature is used to let you assist in the writing and research needs that you may have. It does handle a wide range of tasks that include research, taking notes, and auto-completing sentences. It can be your best bet for completing the research papers really faster. It is a cool editing tool that combines all the features of the QuillBot in one writing tool.

You can begin writing your content on the editing window, and the tool provides you with all the features that we discussed so far – including a citation generator, paraphrase, and summarize – all in one place. 

Pros and cons of Quillbot – Is QuillBot worth it?

Well, we have covered almost every factor of the QuillBot tool and analyzed how each of these features works; it is now time to delve into the Pros and Cons of the tool. That would help us find the plus and minus points of the tool at a glance.


  • It can effectively create content with the help of AI – The availability of multiple tools in one tool makes it a promising pick.
  • The free account works for a longer period – The free plan offers you several features, which is something you may not find on other tools. Except for the plagiarism checker, you can find and use the other built-in tools in the free plan.
  • Extremely affordable – The affordability offered by the tool should further make it a truly worthy option. When you compare the tool to other similar tools in its genre, QuillBot is definitely a worthy affordable option. 
  • Multiple functions – Multiple options and features included in one single tool is what make it a full package for most of your needs. Having all the tools in one pack is what makes it stand apart.


  • The grammar checker needs a lot of improvement – The grammar checker is not up to the mark. It needs a lot of polishing. Tools like Grammarly are still the king in this genre
  • May not be good for long-form content – The tool can be a good option for smaller articles and academics or even small research papers. Those who may be looking to use it for books or any other long-form content they either you have break it into parts or look for other individual tools.

Quillbot pricing: QuillBot Free vs. QuillBot Premium

QuillBot comes with two plans – QuillBot Free and QuillBot Premium.

QuillBot Free

QuillBot free comes with the following benefits:

  • Character limit of 125 words 
  • Two modes for paraphrasing
  • Summarizer up to 1200 words
  • Can process two words simultaneously
  • Can work with Google Docs and Google Chrome extensions
  • Citation generation tool
  • Grammar checker

QuillBot Premium

The Premium subscription is charged on the following lines:

  • Annual plan – $8.33 per month – $99.95 charged annually
  • Semi-annual plan – $13.33 per month – $79.95 charged every six months
  • Monthly – $19.95 per month
quillbot pricing

You get the following benefits with the Premium account:

  • Seven paraphraser writing modes
  • Four synonym options
  • Phrases compare modes
  • Unlimited Free Words and phrases
  • Faster processing speed
  • Ability to summarise up to 6,000 words
  • Advanced grammar rewrites
  • Co-writer
  • Unlimited words with the tool for paraphrasing
  • Access to all extensions, including Microsoft Word

One important note here is that Quillbot gives a 3-day full money-back guarantee to premium users if not satisfied with the tool.

QuillBot alternatives To Explore

Curious to know what other options you may have. No worries, I have got you covered.

Check out the alternatives to QuillBot. Though I must say here, Quillbot is among the best tool to provide most of it for free forever and a premium subscription can cost as low as $8.33/month when billed annually.

Check out a curated list of AI writing software to get more options.

1.    Grammarly

Grammarly has been a clear leader when it comes to grammar-checking tools. It has created a high bar for the other tools in its genre. The grammar-checking capabilities offered by the premium version of Grammarly are definitely one of the best. I found it to offer an advanced functionality when it comes to grammar checking. The rewriting capabilities offered by QuillBot make up for the loss in Grammarly, though. 

The plagiarism detection features offered by QuillBot are better than the ones in the case of Grammarly. Tools like QuillBot definitely pose competition for similar tools out there. 

2.    ProWritingAid

ProWritingAid has always been known to be a powerful proofreading tool. It offers you as many as 25 different grammar reports. One of the strongest factors in favor of the tool includes its ability to work with long-form content quite effectively. It also provides you with a great list of integrations with the tools and software. ProWritingAid is not designed to work with business users through. 

3.    Jasper AI

Jasper AI is primarily an AI writer tool. It does not come with the Grammar checking capabilities as such. However, its abilities in paraphrasing the content and AI writing are one of the best among all the tools that you may think of. You do get a summariser, and a summariser tool included. However, the price of Jasper AI is what may make it a little annoying when you compare it to QuillBot or any other tool that uses AI for writing content.

The discussion of the comparison of QuillBot vs other tools above should help you choose the best.

My Experience With Quillbot – A Candid Insight

Well, as long as my own experience with QuillBot is concerned, I would say it is definitely worth it. If you are opting for the QuillBot premium plan, I assure you that it offers you everything that you may be expecting from the service. It is your best bet for the incredible writing tool that is quite affordable – especially when compared to the market leaders such as Jasper AI. QuillBot pricing is the best that can ever happen to you – compared to the other tools in its genre. 

I am very much impressed with its ability to paraphrase very dull content into a more elaborate and interesting one. But wait – I could not find the same level of satisfaction with the long-form content with it through. QuillBot seems to have limited functionality in this context.

The grammar checker and plagiarism checker options within the tool make it the best pick for helping avoid checking other tools.

The user interface that is completely clutter-free is what further made me appreciate QuillBot more than most other tools in its genre. Both Jasper AI or even NeuronWriter AI (even though they are more powerful and advanced than QuillBot) that I have worked with did not offer me the kind of performance and efficiency in terms of navigation that QuillBot offered.

All the tools in Quillbot are available on the main interface, and that makes it an easy-to-navigate option.

QuillBot Review  – What’s the Final verdict?

As long as my experience with QuillBot goes, I would consider the free version of QuillBot can be a great pick for whatever features that it offers.

The paid version needs further work to be yet in tune with the standards that the other tools have set. Of course, the paraphrasing functionality offered by the tool has been excellent, with access to different modes, but that is the only primary aspect that makes QuillBot a good pick.

Features like Grammar checking, and AI writing need a lot of improvement going forward.

If it is only about paraphrasing your content every now and then or checking the grammar mistakes for small-form content, it can be an affordable option. Another advantage of Quillbot is having all the writing tools on one interface.

However, for long-form content or extensive grammar-checking capabilities, I would consider other tools to be the best. 

We assume this complete and extensive QuillBot review has helped you arrive at the right decision for your needs The details shared here should help you choose the best.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much does Quillbot cost?

QuillBot offers you three plans to choose from. It would ideally be dependent on the payment cycle that you choose.

·         Monthly subscription – $19.95 per month

·         Half-yearly payment – $79.95 payable every six months, at an effective price of $13.33 per month

·         Annual payment – $99.95 payable annually, at an effective price of $8.33 per month.

However, if you are wondering if it’s free, yes – you have the free forever plan.

What’s a paraphrasing tool?

A paraphrasing tool is an online tool – normally based on AI that rewords your existing content. It is the tool used for rewriting your text, used primarily by essayists and students. The primary purpose of the tool is to rephrase the content by changing words with synonyms and other strategies to make the content unique. It can help you reword content so that it can be suitable for each platform that you are targeting. 

Is QuillBot paraphrasing plagiarism free?

Paraphrasing and plagiarism checker is separate modules within QuillBot. You can get a paraphrasing feature for free on QuillBot with a limitation. However, as for the plagiarism checker, you need to go with a subscription to QuillBot. Even with a subscription, you get a limited number of credits which amount to 20 pages. Beyond that, you need to go with additional buying of credits. QuillBot has a free plan that does not include a plagiarism checker. 

Is Quillbot only a paraphrasing tool?

No, the paraphrasing tool is one of the features offered by QuillBot. It offers you an additional set of features that are included as separate modules. Apart from a paraphrasing tool, QuillBot also offers a grammar check, plagiarism checker, AI writer, citation generator, and summarizer.  The paraphrasing and summarising capabilities of the tool are one of the best in its genre at a price.

Is QuillBot a good writing tool for students?

QuillBot is a paraphrasing tool. It can be a good tool for the students as it can help them summarise and paraphrase their assignments. It should be a good pick for those of you who may be looking to write concise essays. It can be your bet for finding the relevant synonyms and vocabulary enhancements.

How to install Quillbot on Microsoft Word?

QuillBot is available for MS Word. You can either install it directly from Microsoft Store or even consider installing it from within the Office Store. You can find it from the Microsoft store at this link.

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