Popl vs Beaconstac – A Detailed Comparison in 2024 (Pick Your Best Fit!)

popl vs beaconstac comparison

The world of digital marketing has been growing quite consistently. As we have already observed in one of our previous posts, the growth of digital business cards has been exponential and has introduced a good number of options available for discerning customers. However, with such a massive number of options available in the digital business card market, picking the best among them has been a real struggle.

That is where an impartial and up-to-date comparison between the different digital business cards proves to be much more effective. In today’s post, we will check out the differences between Popl and Beaconstac digital business cards. That can prove to be helpful for you in picking the best among them for your networking and other business needs.

Popl vs Beaconstac – An Overview

Popl Digital Business card

Popl is a digital business card service provider that offers you NFC-enabled digital business cards. The card comes in the form of a credit or debit card that you can simply pull out of your pocket and tap a customer’s phone to help them access your contact details and other information about your business.

The contact details and other information on your business are shared instantly via the internet on their phone. They do not need to have an app for accessing your details. If you are into digital networking, the card should be one of the excellent options for you. It lets you share your digital card details through text, email, and QR codes. It should be one of the excellent options for the best alternative for a physical business card.

Beaconstac Digital Business card

Beaconstac is a powerful and next-generation digital business card app that lets users create QR codes. The QR code that includes your information can be used and shared in many ways. It allows you to share digital business cards through an email, add them to your resume or profile, or even add them to a document such as a brochure. That would make it a powerful alternative to physical cards.

The ease of use in customization offered by Beaconstac makes it an excellent option. The advanced security features included in the card should further make it one of the most innovative options ever. It offers you a customizable card option. It has been considered to be one of the top digital business cards you can trust.

The Popl vs Beaconstac Comparison – A Look at a Glance

Before we can move on to explain the individual features of the tool, let us check out the features of the two cards in a tabular form.




NFC availability



QR code generation



Analytics features



Medium-level user friendliness

Yes, available

Yes, available

Pricing model

One time purchase

Subscription model

User friendliness

Highly user friendly


Dynamic QR codes






Custom landing pages



Integration with marketing tools and CRM tools



Bulk card creation capability



Popl vs Beaconstac Comparison Table

The in-depth discussion of the features on Popl and Beaconstac digital business cards in 2024

Having gone through the tabular at-a-glance features of the two competing cards, we will now analyze the two of them in a feature-by-feature analysis.

Support for NFC technology

Both Popl and Beaconstac offer you support for NFC technology or near-field communication as a way to exchange contact information. This does go a long way in helping you in an instant sharing of the details. You just need to tap the card on a device to share the details and profiles. Both of them would offer you a contactless scanner option, making it a great choice as opposed to paper cards. You need not look for an app to share your business cards every time.

Popl uses a very easy and simple option for sharing your content and contact details. The NFC connectivity on Popl is designed to be extremely friendly. A simple tap on someone’s phone or device lets you share your cards and details, such as contact information, social media profiles, music, payment platforms, and more. This has been proven to be a game-changer option the powerful networking.

Beaconstac, however, employs a business-centric approach. Of course, the NFC technology implementation here is user-friendly, but it focuses more on businesses and marketing. Tapping the card on a device simply directs you to an app, a website, or any other online resource. This goes a long way in improving your conversion rates.

QR code generation

It’s a great option to have QR codes that help you share your details online with ease. Both Popl and Beaconstac offer you outstanding support for this feature. They also offer support for digital card scanners. QR codes are the best and easiest means to help you share your digital business card.

Popl lets you create personal QR codes that link your customers and clients to your Popl profile. If you do not have an NFC-enabled device, this can prove to be a great option. You can let the customers simply scan the QR code to access your information.

Beaconstac, on the other hand, takes the concept of QR code generation to the next level. The ability to create Dynamic QR codes makes it a formidable pick. Thus the QR code can be enabled to get updated with the latest information. This is how you would find it being extremely flexible and powerful for your business. The card also offers the option for detailed analytics for their QR codes. This can help businesses to scan, track, and gather data from the QR codes. It also lets you create a digital business card.

beaconstac QR codes

Profile Customisation

Both Popl and Beaconstac let you create customized profiles. But there is a slight difference in the way they do it. They come with the best templates for profile customization which means you never have to worry about sharing your information in a way the client wants.

The customization options available on Popl are directed towards being the best digital business card. You can add your contact information, social media profiles, and other details to your digital and virtual business card app. The feature helps you design your card the way you want to. They can then be shared with just a tap.

The customization option on Beaconstac is oriented towards the business. You can create custom landing pages and other digital media content along with your branding. It can also include options such as call-to-action buttons. You may also be able to integrate them with the existing marketing software.

System analytics

Analytics is a feature that helps you analyze the user engagement with your brand and your profile. You would find the analytics functionality embedded in both the card models.

Popl comes with simple and basic analytics features. It simply lets you find the number of users who viewed your profile. There is no option for a more profound analysis of the users and behavior.

Beaconstac also offers the customization options like Popl that are more comprehensive in nature. You can track all the aspects of interaction. Some of the options would include scans, clicks, and other engagement metrics. The data that you get from the analytics can help you optimize and improve your user engagement.


In terms of pricing, here are a few factors that you may need to give serious thought to.

Popl is known for striking the right balance between individual users and businesses. You can simply go with a one-time purchase, and you are good to go. There are no recurring fees of any nature.

Beaconstac provides you with a subscription model. There are different pricing options available depending on several features and options. The subscription model may appear to be a little expensive. But, you would find it offering you a host of outstanding features.

popl vs beaconstac pricing

As you would find from the above discussion, both Popl and Beaconstac come with their own plus points. Popl offers you the best features in terms of user-friendly interface features and a cost-effective design. That is what would make it an excellent choice for the individuals. Beaconstac does provide you access to additional features like advanced features and enhanced analytics features. That would make it a genuinely formidable option for making the larger businesses and marketing campaigns that you might have planned for your business.

Popl vs Beaconstac – The Pros and Cons

The Pros and Cons offered by the two competing and the best digital business cards can help you understand the tools in a better manner.



  • Extremely user-friendly – The card is simple and easy to create and use. Sharing the information is also much easier to share– as easy as tapping the card on someone’s device and sharing the card via NFC.
  • Very affordable – You do not need to pay any recurring subscription charges. Simply pay a one-time fee and continue using the tool for a lifetime. That would make it one of the excellent options for both individuals and businesses.
  • A versatile design – Popl lets you handle a wide range of tasks. It includes the options on how to instantly share your contact information and sharing your social media posts. It can also be a great option for a wide range of tasks that include music, payment info, and many other details.


  • Not many analytics options available – You do not have many analytics options available. The analytics options available on the digital business card solution are of a basic nature.
  • Only NFC available – The digital business card comes with NFC functionality alone. There is a QR code option available, but it isn’t as effective as on Beaconstac. The tool works as an excellent option for the NFC card.



  • A comprehensive analysis – Beaconstac offers complete and comprehensive analytics. You can use it to track the scans, clicks, and a host of engagement metrics. You can use this information to further improve your marketing efforts and also to promote your business.
  • The card offers you advanced features – Beaconstac provides you with a good deal of advanced features. The features available would include dynamic QR codes, custom landing pages, and many other parameters.
  • Flexible interface – The Beaconstac dynamic QR code generator helps you update your QR codes in real-time. This can help make your business visible in all its glory to your customers.


  • A little expensive – The subscription model that the tool uses makes it a little annoying. The recurring charges may be something that you may not be comfortable with.
  • The tool is a little complex in nature – While the advanced features may be very helpful, it may be a little overwhelming for some of you.

As you can see from the above discussion, you would find that each of these two tools comes with its own plus and minus points. The user-friendly nature of Popl and its affordability makes it a good pick for individuals and small businesses. The advanced features and a huge degree of analytics efficiency make Beaconstac a clear winner for advanced users and the larger business world.

What do I think?

Popl and Beaconstac have their own plus points and a few disadvantages. However, based on your own preferences and the exact business requirements, you would be able to choose the one that best meets your individual needs.


Popl is a perfect pick for both individuals and small businesses who may be looking for a cost-effective and simple tool among the two best digital business card solutions. The user-friendly nature of the tool makes it a great means for sharing contacts and other relevant information in a single tap. It can be a great choice if you are a business looking to enhance its networking capabilities further.

popl products

Best for – Freelancer, creative professional, small business owner. It can also be a good option for anyone looking for an affordable digital and virtual business card app.


The Beaconstac digital card is best suited for large businesses and marketing campaigns. The tool comes with advanced features such as dynamic QR codes, custom landing pages, and a robust integration with the marketing campaigns.

Best for – It can be a decent and great tool for medium or large businesses. It can also be a good choice for those of you who are into marketing campaigns. In essence, this would be the card that offers the best of both worlds if you have no issues with the high cost.

The Concluding Thoughts

Well, that was all about the comparison between Popl and Beaconstac electronic business cards. As you might have observed above, both Popl and Beaconstac come with their own advantages and disadvantages. Each of them has their own features and abilities, and each of them would suit different requirements.

Popl is a good option for small businesses and individuals. Beaconstac is a tool that provides outstanding functionality for large businesses. Based on the exact requirements that you may have, you can choose the right one for your needs. In any case, both Popl and Beaconstac offer you an outstanding alternative to a traditional paper business card. If you are looking for the best digital business card, you can choose either of them based on your individual needs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does Popl give you a QR code?

Popl does provide you with a free user-friendly QR code generator. It lets you easily create a QR code for your website, Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube page. You can use the tool to create your personalized and dynamic QR codes. It can be a great means to help you share contact information effortlessly.

Do Popl and Beaconstac offer you free trial options?

Both Popl and Beaconstac provide you with the options for free usage of the service. This will help you in using the user interface and basic features of the electronic business card platform. You can check out the free plan to get used to the features. You can make use of the trial so that you can test the features available on the card.

Which is more secure – Popl or Beaconstac?

Popl is compliant with security solutions such as GDPR and SOC 2 Type I. Beaconstac, on the other hand, helps you achieve a better standard which includes GDPR and SOC 2 Type II compliance. It provides you with a host of advanced features in terms of security that include SSO login, data encryption, multi-factor authentication, URL-based phishing detection, and many other options.

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