Online Learning vs Classroom Learning: Which is Best for You in 2023?

online learning vs classroom learning

Until the last decade, the prospects of online Learning were rather bleak. People associated studies with classroom sessions, personal doubt clarification, etc. However, once the pandemic struck, the tables turned. Classroom learning was just not possible.

During that time emerged the concept of online classes. Now students could do their classes from the privacy of their homes. It was a win-win situation as studies resumed as before. Suddenly the equations had reversed, and people opened up to prefer digital Learning.

However, is online schooling actually better than classroom learning? This point of difference in teaching and learning methodology used is debatable. Let us look at the Online Learning vs Classroom learning tussle and which is better.

Overview of Online Learning

Online mode, if you talk of it, shifts the concept of physical interaction with a teacher to a virtual format. There is human interaction, but it happens virtually, not face-to-face. Online Learning has the convenience and you can continue learning alongside a full-time job.

Features and Advantages of online learning

·         Easy to adapt learning management systems

·         Cloud-based platform and virtual classroom 

·         Many online and interactive elements like videos, quizzes, simulations, etc

·         Assessment online learning tools are as good as classroom learning  

·         Analytics for performance reviews for learning online

·         Accessibility to all for an online platform

·         Online Learning allows students security in transactions to avoid breaches

Before any comparison between online learning vs classroom learning, let us have a look at the advantages and disadvantages of Online Learning. Taking online classes has lots to offer. Also, read whether online Learning is going to be a transforming force.

online learning benefits

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·         Efficient- Every student has a different level of perception. That is why it becomes tough for teachers to engage them for longer hours. Yet, with online teaching, teachers get access to a variety of tools like webinars, videos, PDFs, podcasts, etc. The curriculum is no longer restricted to textbooks, and the students become more proficient with their lessons. This makes online Learning better than traditional.

·        Convenience- A significant benefit of online Learning provides is that students can attend their classes from any location. This way of Learning allows them to choose universities and courses outside their geographical realm. When they attend online classes, they are able to do so at any time and place.

·        Reduction in costs- By studying from their location, students reduce their transport, rental, and meal costs. Plus, since the study materials are also online, there is a lot of saving from that part as well. Learning allows students a cost-effective study option. Online classes vs. normal definitely have an added advantage that is hard to match.

·        Customizable as per the learning style- Every student has a different method of picking up concepts. While some are visual learners, others do good with audio lessons. Some students prefer personalized attention, while others may do great with group discussions. Online learning” has become critical in choosing a learning platform as per the style preferred.


·        Reduced attention span- One of the biggest challenges online Learning comes with is the inability to concentrate during distance learning lessons. On top of that, there is the urge to start looking around on social media or gaming websites. The teacher can keep their lessons interactive and short as students get distracted easily.

·        Technological hurdles- A lot of people experience connectivity issues during their online classes. Even though internet connections have spread almost everywhere, some places are simply cut off. Therefore students miss out on essential opportunities, which could prove to be a major hurdle.

·        Managing screen time- Devices are addictive, and online learning makes them want to stay connected. Post the classes, kids are unable to cut off, and this increases their screen time exponentially. Online instruction can also be hard to understand due to distractions.


To succeed in an online learning environment stick to your schedule and always remain organized.

Overview of Classroom Learning

On the other hand, traditional Learning is more impactful. The physical presence of a teacher makes a lot of difference to the mindset of the student. Learning involves the scope to clarify their doubts, and personal interaction makes studies fun. This is a crucial difference between online learning vs classroom learning.

Features of a traditional classroom setting

·         variety of technological tools to grab the student’s attention

·         Increased collaboration among students and teachers

·         Real-world solutions to problems in a traditional way of Learning

·         Demonstrations and presentations are key

·         Inquiry-based Learning for straightforward doubt clearing

·         University and classroom setting makes sessions interactive

·         Offers like University placements build a strong career

·         Minimal distractions and facilities like libraries and clubs to participate in

·         Better response to problems vs. Online Learning

classroom learning benefits

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·         Campus or school interactions- A lot of people appreciate classroom learning as they get to meet their peers. Experiences like clubs, sports activities, attending seminars, etc., make students prefer classroom teaching. This becomes one of the critical benefits of classroom learning.

·         Networking- The physical interaction aspect lets students grow their network. Whether it is a professor or a peer, each one of them contributes to the student’s growth. As the network expands, the scope of learning multiplies as well.

·         No disruptions- Physical Learning in a classroom means there cannot be any more distractions or disruptions. The students have to listen to their teachers else they miss out on essential concepts.

·         Increase in student motivation- Students face to face interactions with their peers and teachers have a deeper impact on them. They get motivated and enhance student performance automatically.


·         Expensive- With classroom learning, the student has to travel every day. This, coupled with lunch costs, escalates the financial burden they have to bear.

·         Geographical restrictions- The students are restricted to studying only in areas within their reach. If they have to opt for abroad education, it becomes an expensive proposition.

·         Buying study materials- In order to complete the sessions, students have to purchase study materials. This might prove to be expensive and an unnecessary burden that may not be useful later on.

remote learning

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Comparison of Online Learning vs Classroom Learning

Both Online and traditional Learning have their share of positives and negatives. Online Learning allows more convenience as users can access the session from anywhere. Also, there is no dearth of study materials available in virtual Learning. Whether it is infographics, videos, or web forums, the students are spoilt for choice in learning courses. 

Yet again, the remote learning environment is dependent on internet connectivity. Online students are unable to access the learning materials if there is an internet issue. A proportion of the populace thus remains devoid of the benefits that the Online learning process offers.

On the flip side, traditional class learning gives a huge advantage to face-to-face interaction. In today’s times, when distractions are paramount, a classroom session is the need of the hour. Such platforms offer the learners a chance to interact with the teachers and assist in easy doubt clarifications.

The traditional learning environment of a formal school or University also works in favor of classroom studies. Completion of assessment is fair as everything is conducted in the presence of a teacher or supervisor. The opportunity to mix up with peers and seniors enhances its attractiveness. 


Have you decided which mode of learning is better for you? Here are some pointers for you to make a smart decision.

How to decide which Learning is best for you

Moving on in the tussle of Online Learning vs Classroom learning, you must decide what is best for you. Every person can handle studies differently. There are quite a few benefits of online Learning as well. Do the following to identify which out of traditional and online Learning allows more growth for you:


It is possible that you are already working elsewhere. The course you want to complete is just another feather in your cap. You may not have exactly a lot of time to complete the course offline. In that case, you must take online education. Online Learning also allows you to access the course material whenever you are free.

On the other hand, if you are willing to spare time, then a traditional way of studying should help you out. It obviously grants more face-to-face learning experience and is more suited in this case. Think about it, and you will be clearer on the online Learning vs. traditional learning choice.

Type of course

Have you decided what type of course, you wish to pursue? The choice of teaching methodology you choose would be influenced by that. For instance, if the course is just an addition to your credentials, you can choose virtual Learning. With the convenience to study online, you can complete the course with your job. The cost of online Learning could also be a deciding factor.

Yet if this is your degree course that you are starting after schooling, opt for traditional classroom learning. The learning outcomes of doing so would give you a whole new level of exposure. If you attend classes with teachers and peers, it will build your character and shape the path to future growth.

Which type of learning is better for you?

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Your basic nature contributes to the choice of which learning method to pick. If you are an outgoing person who loves mixing with people, choose classroom learning. Meeting friends and picking up the University vibes would assist as you move ahead.

However, if you have always been a recluse, then an online course would work. Though that does not mean you will not have to interact with your peers. If you opt for an online degree, it will be reduced to a classroom setting.

Your expectations

What are your expectations from the course you are doing? Are you just looking for a new diploma that would add to your resume? Then an online class would suffice for you. However, if you wish to achieve a high level of professional growth, this teaching methodology might not work.

For networking and building rapport with others, you must pick classroom studies. The learning environment of classroom teaching is vibrant and action-packed. Students participating gain confidence in terms of Learning and pick up communication skills that prove useful. Online Learning vs Classroom Learning may offer a unique advantage to the former.


In recent years, the debate between in-person Learning and online class has gained momentum. However, both of them are unique and have things going in their favor. Definitely, online classes have transformed the education scene worldwide. Yet many learners still love the vibe of traditional classroom teaching. It is hard to say which one is better than the two.

There is no end to the online Learning vs. classroom learning tussle, and at present, both exist mutually. People can make their learning style preferences between online and classroom learning as per their expectations.

If things don’t work with one methodology, there will always remain an option to move to the other one. The compare and contrast between them will never end, probably, but it’s the user’s choice that matters.

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