7 Best NFC Tags Uses To Make Your Day Smart And Fun

nfc tags uses

The world has become rather smart in the figurative sense. With the entry of technology, our workloads have comparatively diminished. Smart devices are the need of the hour so we do not waste our time on unproductive activities. NFC tags are another welcome addition to the category of innovative NFC devices.

Near field communication, or NFC, is a technology that allows two compatible devices to communicate with each other. NFC tags are small chips that work using NFC technology and enable data transfer between laptops, NFC mobile, tablets, and other devices.

Initially, the NFC tag used was to complete contactless payments in retail stores, but now they have found acceptance in various areas. Let us discuss the different creative ways to use NFC tags and how they help.

What are NFC tags?

NFC tags are chip-based, and they communicate wirelessly with each other. Tags store data that they send to NFC readers in the form of electromagnetic pulses. The NFC tags come in various shapes and sizes. Most simple ones are circular or square in shape. You can place an NFC tag anywhere. They have quite a simple construction, with a thin copper coil and small storage space on the micro NFC chip.

Since their construction is simple, the embedded NFC tag can be incorporated in a variety of places. For instance, hotel access cards, credit and debit cards, employee access cards, virtual business cards, etc. Unlike the RFID tags, these tags offer two-directional data transfers.

7 Best Ways To Use NFC Tags

NFC tags can be used in a variety of ways. This fact probably adds to their popularity. Here we will tell you the seven best creative uses of NFC tags.

NFC business card

NFC business cards

Your business card helps establish a first impression in the client’s mind. Unfortunately, using a paper business card means that there are chances that the business card can be misplaced and takes up space in your wallet.

Enters into the scene the digital business cards which are also NFC enabled at times to help you get rid of the regular paper business cards.

NFC business cards are the new age business branding solutions. They can store all your contact information and related details that you can share with your clients through a simple app on smartphones. Most importantly, these NFC tags are not hard to set up and do not need much memory. This is because the tags will not store your information but will generate a link. This link would open via NFC on the Android phone or iPhone and provide your contact card. Just program the tag and business card and use it. 

In fact, you can carry your NFC business information in several other interesting formats as well, like, NFC keychains, NFC bracelets, or NFC tags on phone covers. That’s amazing, isn’t it?

NFC tags to unlock the door

NFC Tags To Unlock Door

Similar to how NFC tags can be used to enter offices, the technology can be used in homes. Homeowners can tag to open and lock the main doors. For this home automation, your house may or may not be a smart one. All you need is an NFC-compatible smartphone, and you can create an NFC tag to unlock the door as soon you enter the home premises. This probably is one of the most fascinating ways to use NFC.

Smart Home/Office Gadgets

There are various ways through which NFC tags can be used for smart home and office automation. For instance, with one tag, you can turn the lights off at night or when you are leaving home. Similarly, you could use the same tag to turn on the light when you come back. Apart from that, turn off the AC or heating upon leaving the home through the use of NFC tags. Other cool uses in an NFC smart home or office are:

NFC Tags uses
  • You can use an NFC tag in the kitchen by setting up the timer to prepare a recipe.
  • Add NFC tags to boxes when you shift home so you can track where the items are kept.
  • Connect only certain guests to your home Wi-Fi connection to avoid overuse. Place an NFC tag to let only selective guests the Wi-Fi access.
  • Set up your office, like turning on the lights, computer, etc.
  • Monitor the items in your grocery, so you know when the item is going to finish and can replenish it.
  • Starting your laundry with technology like NFC is super easy. After adding clothes, tap the phone and start a timer. You will get to know when your job is done.
  • You can also use NFC tags to send messages to your family when you are coming back or the meals are ready.
  • We all need alarms to wake up in the morning. Yet there are chances of missing your morning alarm. You can configure and use the NFC tag with the accurate time and place it close. It will inform you when it is time to get up.
  • If you are working or sleeping and don’t want a disturbance, the NFC tags can also help. Just add the NFC tag to send “Do not disturb” status, and you can have some moments of solitude.
  • The NFC tags are useful for taking care of pets. Just add the tag to your pet’s collar, and you can keep track of where they are. If your pet loses its way and someone finds it, you can tap the NFC tag to contact you.

NFC in car

NFC in car

Near-field communication tags can be used in cars to set up the environment. This includes the air conditioner, sound and display settings, light monitoring, and finding the last destination. Swiping the NFC tag over the card reader helps control all this and more.

Apart from that, NFC tags are key fobs that help lock and unlock car doors. Similarly, you can program NFC tags if you want to trace the location of your car or whether it is locked or not. You can use NFC tags to make these changes and even tap on the tag while you are driving. This tag would respond to the people that you are unable to take the calls.

NFC-enabled marketing and brand promotions

NFC in marketing

Nowadays NFC enabled posters are avidly used by companies. These posters allow the customers to scan a QR code and reach a web page, app, or related offer page. Companies can add an NFC tag to offer long-term loyalty programs to target a specific audience profile. As an example, NIKE launched NFC-enabled jerseys in 2017. The customers had to scan the tag on these jerseys and get all updates regards the product range.

Similarly, KFC applied NFC to their billboards and posters. When a customer taps the poster through the smartphone tag to automatically get to know the latest offers, deals, and a thank you message. There are multiple examples of NFC wristbands, NFC rings, NFC tags and sticks, NFC keychains, etc.

NFC for authenticity and brand promotion

Some industries, like pharma, luxury, etc., deal with the issue of counterfeiting. One of the uses of NFC tags is that they can be configured along with validation codes. This would help in verifying the product’s authenticity. Some apps scan the products with NFC tags and do the needful. The same solution could also be used to verify documents and in-transit goods.

NFC to share media

NFC to Share Social Media

NFC tags are pretty helpful when it comes to sharing various types of media. It could be difficult to share your social media handles each time. Just use the tag somewhere and share the details within seconds. For small businesses sharing their website details is the chance to get more customers. Program an NFC tag each time so you avoid typing the URL.

When you simply tap your phone from the NFC tag, you can share your photos with family members and close friends. This is one of the particularly useful NFC tag ideas when you have to share the details with more than one person.

Advantages of NFC tags

NFC implant tags find their usage in a variety of ways. The benefits they offer are multiple, and this adds to their popularity. Some major advantages of NFC tags are:

  • Offers a high level of convenience and security while using contactless payment systems and other transactions. It can be used in Apple Pay, Google Pay, Android Pay, etc.
  • NFC tags can help in automation in various industries like healthcare, ticketing, banking, making reservations, redeeming points, etc.
  • Helpful to streamline the relationship between customers and businesses.
  • Provides secured access to employees and students in offices and colleges.
  • You can put an NFC tag as it offers a higher level of security as compared to credit and debit cards.
  • It does not require manual searching and configuring like other wireless technologies like Bluetooth.
  • There is no need to have separate software to use an NFC tag.
  • NFC sticker is compatible with RFID networks as well.
  • With one tap the tag is adaptable to a multitude of uses.


Near Field Communication technology has just made a solid footing for itself. With time it is creeping into multiple industries and thus making your life easier. The convenience factor, however, is not just the only use for NFC tags. Their adaptability to various uses is what is making them find acceptance everywhere.

As time progresses and other technologies enter the fray, NFC tags will expand their base further. They would be implemented in various scenarios, overall easing off people’s burdens. NFC tags may be growing at present, but they are sure to explode in the future.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can an NFC tag track you?

Yes, NFC tags are often used for asset tracking. That is, they are placed in objects, and the location is traced later on. So, if you have an NFC tag near you, it could be used to track you.

What is the range of NFC tracking?

The range of NFC tracking depends on the way it is deployed. For instance, put an NFC tag to use for asset tracking. Then companies can automate and track assets worldwide with NFC tags placed in them.

Can we store data in an NFC tag?

Yes, we can store a small amount of data that could be transferred to another device. Though NFC tags are contactless, this data can be shared with a compatible device. 

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