How To Make A Digital Business Card – Get A Comprehensive 8-Step Guide

how to make a digital business card

When you start a new business, the most important thing you need to pay attention to is to have your own professional-looking business card. A business card is what provides the first impression to your clients. In case you really want to create an impression on your clients, it is always essential to create a good business card that looks great and provides all the essential information.

What is a digital business card?

A digital business card is actually an electronic business card. It is the best means to share or save your contact details at a faster rate when compared to traditional business cards. The other names for the business card would include smart business cards, mobile business cards, virtual business cards, and electronic name cards, to name a few.

The primary benefit of digital business cards lies in the best support for professional networking. The customizable, eco-friendly design and user-friendly mobile app functionality make it the right choice for networking events to share basic contact information or even live photos or videos. 

The contactless card offers multiple benefits in sharp contrast to the physical business card. It is used for sharing your business details and contact details through electronic means such as a smartphone or any other device. You can find multiple ways to share the information through a  URL, a QR Code, via email signature, or even embed it into your website.

The recipient will simply click on the URL or the QR code to scan and retrieve your contact information. The prospects to share the QR code and print further makes it a prime choice. There are several benefits that digital business cards offer, and the prime among them is the way to share your details with ease digitally. They are the best means to instantly share your work contact and unique URL along with other information in a single tap. 


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How to make a digital business card: Step-by-step guide

Creating a beautiful and wonderful-looking digital business card can be a challenging task if you do not follow the right steps. In case you want to create digital business cards and need help with how to customize it, the tips and step-by-step guide here can help you to find the best options to create your digital business card. 

Learn how to create a digital business or virtual card through the step-by-step guide here. You can simply use a top-rated app or Canva to create your business card. There are simple to use and allow you to create digital business cards easily. 

how to make a digital business card

Step 1 – Choose the right template

The first step in creating a digital business card is to choose the right template for your card. The design and look of the card depend primarily on the template you choose. If you want to make your card appealing to your contact details, it is advisable to choose your template wisely.

Choose the right template from the services such as Canva or similar other service providers. Check out all the available templates and choose the one that best meets your professional needs. The template should be such that it matches and represents your professional expertise.

digital business card template

A sneak peek at the Canva digital business card template

Step 2 – Choose the right professional image

The digital business card is a great means to make a great first impression. That is exactly why it is much essential to choose and upload your headshot wisely enough. Of course, what we call a professional image may change based on the actual profession you are in.

However, a few characteristics that would make the best professional profile picture would include a smiling face, unobstructed eyes, an asymmetrical composition, a formal dress, and ideal lighting conditions.

Step 3 – Choose the right background for the digital card

The background color of the digital business card would be essential for providing a better appearance of your business card. A wrongly chosen background on the virtual card can make the user turn off your business card. 

The right background for the card would be a wiser choice that complements the overall design of your digital business card. You can choose from among the different backgrounds available on the services that we discussed above. You may also make use of any image as the background. Under ideal conditions, ensure that the background of the digital business card should contrast with the rest part of your card.

Step 4 – Pick the right color palette

Now choose the best possible color palette for your card. Choosing the right color would make the digital business card look appealing. The color chosen should be such that it should match your branding.

If your business uses a company logo, make sure that your digital business card follows the same design and color palette. That way, the users would feel an instant connection with your brand. Some businesses make use of the concept of color psychology for choosing the color. It follows the principle that different colors trigger different emotions.  You will want to create a great impression when sharing your digital business card.

canva color palette generator

Step 5 – Choose the right font style

Choosing the best font style can be quite effective in helping you improve the digital business card and its design. The font style would ideally make it a good option with the overall tone of your card. That can also be a good pick for creating a professional brand image.

You need to create a better impact through a visual hierarchy. It should be the best way out in establishing a better graphic balance. Once again, if your business uses a specific font or font family in its communication and other elements, playing around with the fonts in the same genre may prove to be much more practical. This will create a special impact when your share your card. 

Step 6 – Provide all your information

Providing complete information about you and your business would be much essential in creating a better impact. It is essential to include the right information that you want to share with the users. It is much important to make your name and job title stand out. It should double up as a visual representation of your profession or company when your business card is with your potential clients.

Make sure that everything is legible in every aspect. Ensure that the text is not too small. Also, avoid using typefaces that are too complicated. The best option would be to use Sans fonts. This ensures that your business card looks much more professional. The proper inclusion of details helps in better networking efforts.

Besides basic information, you can also include a portfolio of your work. For example, if you are a freelance writer, then attaching your copywriting or content writing sample is a great idea. Choose a business card app that allows you to add specific details. 

Step 7 – Include your social media links

In today’s digital world, it is much essential to add your social media profiles. Feel free to add as many social media accounts and links as you may have. A list of hyperlinks may be something that you would want to go with, but I would suggest otherwise. The hyperlinks may not be the best when it comes to the appealing design.

Most of the free digital business card applications do provide you with an option for buttons and icons for social media accounts and profiles. They can sit comfortably in the corner of the card while providing you an option for adding any other relevant information. Always add the information that is relevant to your business. 

For local business owners, consider adding a google maps location or a Yelp page to attract customers.

digital business card qr code

Step 8 – Use the proper and reliable CTA options

Without the proper CTA or call to action button, your business card creation would never be complete. The CTA is what would make your digital business card actionable as it informs the users on what to do next. Most of the digital business card app stores provide you with a way to personalize it.

In addition to providing the actionality to the business card, the CTA button would also help in improving the aesthetic appeal of your card. The best part about the CTA is that it can be added to multiple sections of your business card. The proper use of the CTA button would assist in easier navigation for your clients and users. 

Did you know? Personalized CTA performs 202% better than generic CTA.

My Suggestions for Creating a top digital business card

Using a digital business card works as an extension of your professional identity. Read through my suggestions and select a virtual card provider of your choice. Look at their features and you’ll be able to get the best benefits of a digital business card. 

My suggestion for how to create a business card would be on the following lines –

  • Keep your card simple and precise – The digital business card is designed to provide your users with the necessary information. I would suggest avoiding the cluttering that may not be necessary. Do not forget to also share your contact details and social media profiles, though.
  • Add up interactive elements – The interactive elements and CTA options can be the best option to help your users get complete information about your business. If I were to design a digital business card, I would definitely go with the icons for social media profiles, portfolios, or a specific landing page. This can help in enhancing user engagement. 
  • Optimize your card – Before you can finalize the digital business card creation, I would suggest testing and optimizing the card. Test on different devices and platforms and ensure that you are on the right track. It is advisable to check specifically for loading times, responsiveness, and overall user experience.
  • Search engine optimization – The digital business card should be best optimized for search engines. This will help make your card online.
  • Update your card regularly – Make sure the card is updated and refreshed at regular intervals. The periodic refresh and addition of the latest information will make your card always remains current.

Consider adding your digital business card to your email signature.

The Concluding Thoughts

Creating a digital business card involves a lot of effort and also needs you to have enough resources. My advice is to keep all your resources ready before you embark on your journey of creating a digital business card. It is always essential to make your digital business card as appealing as possible.  If your business card needs to be effective and efficient, you need to invest in creating a design that is powerful enough in every respect. The tips and ideas that we have presented above will help you create a digital business card in style.

The digital business card is a great way to share your information. Ensure that you have taken all the precautions in creating the best card possible. Some of the apps and service providers offering digital business cards are free, and that can help you as the first step in the direction so that you can make a beginning. So, move ahead and create a digital business card with a provider. You can choose from various digital card apps such as HiHelo, Blinq digital business card, or Beaconstac’s digital business cards.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can I use the digital business card?

You can share your business card by scanning a sharable QR code with your phone, via NFC technology, or can even be sent as an e-business card with an email signature.

How can I make a virtual business card for free?

Use Canva to design your free business card. They have hundreds of templates to choose from that match your brand. Alternatively, you can go to Google Play or Apple App stores to get dedicated digital business card service, like, HiHello. HiHello digital business card offers a wide range of features for its users.

Is digital business card safe?

Yes, most reputed digital business card providers have internationally compliant security systems. For example, Beaconstac offers excellent information security compliance with GDPR and SOC-2.

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