What is a Digital Marketing Analyst? and How to Become One in 2023?

digital marketing analyst

The last decade or so saw the entire world transforming. With almost everything, digital companies need experts that can handle their online presence. A digital marketing analyst is a person who analyses marketing and various sorts of data. He then uses the same to enhance a brand’s digital marketing campaigns.

As part of his role, the analyst collects data through various analytical tools. Next, he collaborates with other departments and communicates his findings through presentations. A digital marketing analyst’s job can have a variety of sub-areas. This includes email marketing, pay-per-click, or social media accounts marketing.

Let us delve further to know about the job responsibilities of a digital marketing analyst and how you can become one.

What is a digital marketing analyst?

A digital marketing analyst’s job is more catered to enhancing the campaign performance of a brand. He has to be data-driven and, after market analysis, needs to share it with the respective marketing team. On the basis of the findings, the digital marketing team finalizes future marketing efforts.

In particular companies, the digital strategist job is quite detailed. He also analyses the company’s digital marketing performance and suggests changes based on the data research results. He also needs to have a knowledge of marketing so he can use the data and convert it into present insights.

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What does a Digital Marketing Analyst do?

A Digital marketing analyst’s job is pretty hectic. He has to work with data and thus needs to be proficient in analytical skills. Plus, he will have to check the company website regularly. Broadly we can divide a digital marketing analyst’s responsibilities into the following:

·         Data analysis- The basic responsibility of this profile is to gather data to generate insights and recommendations. The information is then shared with other departments. Eventually, the digital marketing analyst will collaborate to develop strategies for growing the company’s online presence.

·         Competitor analysis- The data analyst would do a basic competitor analysis based on web analytics. The information provided can be utilized to formulate future digital marketing strategies. Also crucial for decoding customer acquisitions.

·         Change campaigns- The actionable insights that the analyst finds are helpful in altering the results of the campaigns. He is supposed to suggest what kind of changes are required that would boost the overall purpose and set marketing campaigns.

·         Check the marketing trends- The industry trends change frequently, and it is best to keep abreast of the same. Here the analyst has to brush his technical skills and business intelligence often. Then he can apply the insights to improving the company’s online business performance.

·         Presenting the findings- Often, the digital marketing analyst would have to present his data insights to the stakeholders and other teams. This requires the analyst to be adept at public speaking and presentations.

Digital marketing analyst Job description


digital marketing analyst job description

How to Become a Digital Marketing Analyst: Step-by-Step Guide

The digital marketing analyst’s job is pretty lucrative. However, those who get into the field prepare themselves for the grind. If you are ready to take the leap, here are some basic steps you would have to follow:

Educational requirements

Mainly a digital marketing analyst needs a degree in marketing. This is important as the job requires knowledge of various digital marketing channels and how to explore them. However, if you do not have a marketing background, it is not the end of the road. You can still pursue a career path in this field. Though you would have to work hard on learning digital marketing analyst skills and tactics.

Options of certifications

Having a degree in marketing is definitely helpful. However, if that is not feasible, you can choose a marketing boot camp. These courses teach you the basics of digital marketing so you can proceed further with entry-level jobs. A full-blown degree gives you knowledge that may not exactly be relevant to the field you have chosen. For instance, if you wish to work in SEO, then a certificate course in that area is beneficial.

Some other courses you could choose are:

·         Google Analytics Individual qualification

·         Knowledge of statistical models and ad spend

·         Studying multiple analyst programs and tools

Learn a few essential marketing tools

As a digital marketing analyst, you have to deal with multiple things. There are a few basic digital marketing tools that you must know about. Using tools like Google Analytics, Google Adwords, and Microsoft Excel is imperative to perform well in the field.

You should also read about crucial marketing fundamentals and best practices like SWOT analysis, unique value prepositions, target audience segmentation, etc. This information is vital to develop the best digital marketing skills.

Practice your skills

By now, you have learned all the top digital marketing skills, so start practicing. Digital marketing analysts need to take up freelance projects if required. Platforms like LinkedIn are perfect for landing some practical assignments. Start with small projects and then move ahead. As you continue gaining experience, you can apply the skills to big projects throughout the web. Learn to be organized and detail-oriented to perform well.

Build the portfolio

Wherever you apply, a portfolio would help to showcase your abilities. First, start by updating your resume and portfolio. Add the projects you have handled till now. Use the below-mentioned strategies to achieve the needful.

·         Go through the Digital marketing analyst postings and add similar keywords to your LinkedIn profile and resume.

·         Search for other experienced digital marketing analyst profiles on LinkedIn. See their achievements and how they have presented them. Try to express your experience in a similar format.

·         Ask your peers, mentors, and instructors to offer their reviews of your work.

·         Find out digital marketing career advisors who could help you refine your resume.

·         Accomplish tasks of analyzing key metrics

Start networking

Now is the time to build your network and start immediately. Doing that would help you learn new things, meet new people, and gain insights into the industry. Start on social media sites and find people who are:

·         Employed with a digital marketing analyst job

·         Are in a similar job role

·         Hiring managers

·         Work with a company you want to work for

·         Know another digital marketing analyst

·         Work in the digital marketing field

Contact them through chat and ask various heads for their opinion about the field and company. Search around alumni networks, forums, and job boards. Be genuinely interested in learning from them. Discuss the Marketing analyst job description for awareness. Take tips on interview questions or feedback about the resume.

When networking with other professionals keep your resume and business card handy. Your preparedness and enthusiasm go a long way.

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Start applying to companies

Once you have acquired the required education either through a full-time degree or certification course, start applying to companies for an internship role or full-time job offer. Your relevant skills and networking will be useful while looking for a job.

Many companies hire an experienced digital marketing expert, so keep applying. The interviews would give you an idea of what the company usually looks for. Do not, however, apply for job postings you might not want to pick up. This would waste time and spoil your reputation in the hiring process.


An internship in the marketing department is helpful in setting up your future digital marketing analyst career. However, marketing departments are rather diverse. On the basis of your skills, you may choose to work specifically in the digital marketing segment. That would give you the hands-on training you need and make you an ideal candidate for placement.

Advanced degree

You can also choose an advanced degree course in Digital marketing. Or a post-graduate course in Marketing and Economics would suffice too. Since that would be a post-graduate degree and would consume a lot of your time. Opt for an advanced degree only if you wish to open your digital marketing agency. Or you want to achieve higher posts in the digital marketing department of any company.

Scope of promotion

While being an ideal candidate in this profile, there are immense chances of growth. You can move ahead in the field as you accomplish the targets ahead. An analyst can move on to achieve the following posts:

·         Digital marketing manager

·         Social Media marketing manager

·         SEO manager

·         SEO Specialist

·         Web designer and developer

There is also the possibility of making a shift into another field. For instance, if you were handling Social media marketing tools, you could enter SEO and change tracks ultimately.

scope of promotion at work

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Top skills required to Become a Digital Marketing Analyst

As we have mentioned before, the digital marketing analyst has too much on his plate. That is why he has to be adept at optimizing multiple skills simultaneously. Basically, only a go-getter kind of person who can multitask may do well in the various channels. The top skills needed to perform in the field can be:

  • Analytical skills
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) knowledge
  • Excellent presentation skills
  • Communication skills
  • Digital campaigns management
  • Data visualization abilities
  • Organizational skills
  • Business Analytics
  • Forecasting
  • Knowledge of calculation software

Average Salary of a Digital Marketing Analyst

The digital marketing field is continuously growing. The marketing analyst salary offered, therefore, is decent. Also, there are opportunities to grow rapidly. As per Glassdoor, the average salary  range of a digital marketing analyst is:

Entry level-$62,203


Senior level-$70,621


With the digital landscape broadening, there are a lot of scopes to perform in marketing analyst jobs. On the whole, the digital marketing analyst job is a buzzing one. It is convenient for marketers to pick any sub-areas from this vast field. Choosing the career requires a degree in Marketing or Economics. However, if you are from an unrelated field, then also you can perform well.

All you have to do is to pick an internship in the field and learn the ropes. This offers a high-level experience plus the option to pick any sub-area. In the end, you can move to higher positions in the same company or open your own digital marketing agency. There is vast potential in the field, provided you know which digital channel to pick.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

As a digital marketing analyst, you get to work closely and grow your career in a lucrative field. There are a variety of sub-areas that you can move into. With hard work, you could proceed to postings and opt for programs like marketing manager and SEO manager.

Yes, Digital marketing analytics is a highly fast-growing area of work. When you choose that as your career goal, you are sure to perform well. Just learning tips for analyzing data is not enough. Once you know the basics of every digital marketing platform, you could move into setting up your own agency.

Definitely, getting into the online marketing field itself is complex. You need to have exceptional analytical and data-metric handling skills. Also, you should be good at crunching numbers and creating data visualizations. Yet, if you are detail-oriented, there is no limit to what you can achieve in this field.

Yes, you can switch from a non-related field to the field of digital marketing. However, you might have to start afresh, and that would require a considerable amount of hard work from your side.

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