How To Automate Affiliate Marketing In 2023?

how to automate affiliate marketing

An affiliate marketing program is one of the best ways to boost your earnings. There are numerous websites and platforms which promote products and services. Customers who buy the products from them receive a commission from the company.

If done manually, the whole process of setting up the best affiliate marketing business then becomes very time-consuming and hard. Yet, using the right tools is a simple way to automate affiliate marketing and derive the maximum benefit.

This reduces your effort, and you can focus your attention on other aspects of the business. Here I will tell you what affiliate marketing automation is and how it is done.

What does automation mean in affiliate marketing?

Automation in affiliate marketing means employing technology to simplify the processes involved in the affiliate marketing strategy. You do not have to track your progress or answer customer queries independently. Everything is handled by tools, and this reduces the effort you have to put in. Some reasons why you should automate your affiliate marketing business are:

  • Generating potential leads or customers
  • Keeping a tab on any frauds conducted by the affiliates
  • Evaluation of campaign performance metrics to see the areas of improvement
  • Supporting your present affiliates and giving them resources that would help in the long run
  • Issuing rewards and commissions to the deserving affiliates
  • Lowers the costs by automating tasks to chatbots
  • It saves the time that you would spend on cumbersome tasks

7 Best Ways To Automate Affiliate Marketing

Using simple tools, it is easy to tackle jobs like content creation, affiliate link management, social media promotion, and data tracking and analysis. Mentioned below are 7 ways to automate affiliate marketing business.

Use Chatbots

Simply put, chatbots are messaging programs that stimulate human conversation. It allows the customers to talk to affiliate software in the same manner as they would with a human. You can program the bots to answer the commonly asked questions with ease.

A small chat window opens up when the customer enters the affiliate program. The chat window addresses all the queries that the customer may have. However, the chatbot can only answer simple questions. If there is any other issue that bothers the customer, a human may have to intervene.

Use Chatbots

The use of a chatbot helps in the following ways:

  • Provide support 24*7
  • Answers any FAQs and commonly asked questions
  • Retrieve customer information by providing opt-in forms
  • Receive feedback on the product or service
  • Promote your offers, deals, discounts, etc.
  • Understand the customer’s buying habits.

Since chatbots are available round the clock, people use them for answers to simple queries. Some popular chatbot tools that you can use to automate affiliate marketing are:

  • Chatfuel
  • ManyChat
  • Geekbot
  • Botsociety

Utilize Email Automation Tools

Affiliate marketing requires you to send emails. This is an integral aspect of the affiliate marketing process. However, doing so all by yourself can be time-consuming and exhausting. Email marketing automation tools are the help you need to simplify these processes. You can send emails to your entire list in one go.

However, you will still have to set up your email list as part of the affiliate strategy. This you can do by creating lead magnets and attracting customers to the same. These can be anything like freebies, discounts, deals, free resources, etc. Here are some email ideas that you can use to grow your business:

  • Welcome emails to the new subscribers
  • News and updates from your business or industry
  • Promoting the affiliate products
  • Reminder emails for the follow-up to enter the referral program
  • Thank you emails for purchase or subscription
  • Provide customer account information
email automation is essential

Personalized emails help forge a stronger bond with the customers. Some popular tools that help in automating your affiliate email are:

  • Mailchimp
  • Constant Contact
  • ConvertKit
  • NotifyVisitors

Implement Smart Links Tools

Using a smart link reduces the job of placing your affiliate link everywhere. You do not have to insert affiliate links everywhere; instead, one smart link is sufficient to promote your product. These smart links identify from where you are getting your traffic and then show them the best offer.

Basically, smart will maximize your revenue regardless of wherever the traffic is coming. However, you cannot choose the offers you place with the smart links. The quality of traffic, therefore, becomes extremely important, and testing your offers for success before using them would get the best results.

Some examples of tools useful for smart links are:

  • MyLead
  • ClickDealer
  • GoldLead
  • Adverten

Use URL Shortener & Link Checker

A URL shortener would reduce the length of your URL so that it is easier for others to use them. Customers get put off by extra-long URLs, especially when they appear on social media. You can install a plugin on your referral affiliate program so that automatically your URLs become shortened.

Some link shorteners that can be used are:

  • Rebrandly
  • TinyURL
  • URL shortener by Zapier
  • Sniply

Link checker tools can scan any landing page and find out any broken, redirected, or expired affiliate links. You can alter them, learn how to automate, and ensure correct traffic reaches your affiliate program. The link checker tools could also fix missing affiliate tracking codes, invalid URLs, and incorrect affiliate IDs. Examples of link checker tools are:

  • Broken Link Checker
  • Dead Link Checker
  • Dr. Link Check

Do Fraud Protection

The chances of fraud happening in affiliate marketing are fairly high. Some common types of fraud that can happen are:

  • Click spamming– Generating multiple fake clicks to show as if the purchase is made
  • Diversion-Divert traffic from a legitimate site to a fake site
  • Cookie Stuffing– Sending fake cookies after an affiliate website visit and stealing credits from a genuine site
  • Ad stuffing– Insert multiple ads in one place, thus trying to earn more
  • Domain spoofing– Use fake website details with high traffic to get retailers to buy ad space on their affiliate program website.
fraud prevention

Again there can be various tools that can track the various types of fraud:

  • Click-level fraud prevention– These are tools that would reduce any fraudulent traffic from coming on the site. These tools filter the VPN, mark traffic from proxies, etc. Such measures increase the affiliate sales coming from the traffic coming to the dashboard of your website.
  • Rejecting IP duplicates– If you are receiving conversions from duplicate IPs, it means the traffic received is not high quality. In the tools, you can set a “Unique IP” setting which would allow only genuine customers to come to your WordPress site.
  • Detailed statistics– The fraud prevention tools would offer detailed insights into the performance of your affiliate platform. The information would be divided per user device, language, region, clicks, conversions, payouts, etc. So if the browser language is from Asia and the conversion IP is- the US, the chances are high that there is a huge fraud waiting for you.

Some fraud prevention tools in Affiliate marketing are:

  • FraudScore
  • Fraud Defense
  • Fraud Shield
  • Forensiq

Streamline Content Creation for Affiliate Marketing

Content creation sometimes becomes a huge task for an affiliate marketer. The problem is that constant content creation is mandatory for your blog to receive traffic. You can use tools to generate fresh content for you. Content sharing gets you, referral customers, as well. These tools would furnish the following content pieces for you:

  • Blog posts
  • Social media captions
  • Product descriptions
  • YouTube video content
  • Emails

Some examples of content creation tools that can help scale your affiliate marketing business are:

  • WordHero
  • Content At Scale
  • Jasper AI

You will also need to publish video content time and again on your affiliate network. There are AI video generators that help you generate videos that do not require any editing. Some AI video generators that could prove helpful in the way to automate your affiliate are:

  • Kapwing

Automate Social Media Promotion

Social media is booming, and people spend a considerable portion of their day on such platforms. There are multiple tools to automate and optimize your social media promotion tactics:

  • Social media content generator– These tools can create content and generate graphics for use in social media campaigns. Tools like Predis and generate social media banners and graphics.
  • Scheduling tools– Such tools not only save your time but collect vital data and post content when the audience is most likely going to engage. Some of them can create shareable content and offer insights on what kind of posts work with the target audience. The best affiliate marketing automation software that helps in scheduling are Hootsuite, Airtable, Planable, CoSchedule, etc.

Key advantages of automating affiliate marketing

It is tiresome for affiliate marketers to keep doing the same jobs in your marketing platform. Plus, with the introduction of multiple affiliate marketing software for the same job, it is wise for affiliates to adopt them. And with the affiliate marketing market value at $17 billion as of 2023 and the projected value to be $28 billion in 2027, there is an opportunity for efficient growth. Mentioned below are some key advantages of automating affiliate marketing:

  • With automation, you do not have to keep doing the same tasks repetitively
  • You can use it to manage your SEO efforts with tools handling keyword research
  • Enhance the affiliate performance as opposed to doing things manually
  • Automation allows integration with other tools, thus helping simplify the work of program managers
  • You can use affiliate automation and focus your energy and efforts on other tasks on the affiliate dashboard that would yield leads and conversions.
  • Automation can make it simple to find the quality of data analysis. This is usually done after you automate your affiliate program.
  • Allows checking of the campaign effectiveness through analytics so you can change where required
how to automate affiliate marketing


Automation of affiliate marketing is an essential part of improving your success with affiliate campaigns. In the future, the use and complexity of these affiliate marketing strategies and automated processes are going to increase further. Effective affiliate marketing campaigns that are able to automate tools and processes can boost conversions.

All the key affiliate management strategies mentioned above are necessary to gain a strong foothold. You have to practice the ways you can use automation. It is only when you learn how to manage the affiliate marketing automation software that your affiliate marketing program takes a strong jump.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

How do I get traffic to my affiliate marketing?

There can be various ways to generate traffic for a successful affiliate marketing website. Some of the common ones are paid online advertising, social media promotion, blog posts, guest blogging, Email marketing, Search engine optimization, etc.

Can you make a living off affiliate marketing?

Yes, it is possible to earn decently from your affiliate marketing efforts. All you have to do is dedicatedly work on ensuring high-quality traffic comes to your website. In the beginning, you might have to manage multiple things at one time. But once you get the hang of operations, the earnings start coming through.

What is the best traffic source for affiliate marketing?

The best traffic source for marketing an affiliate network is Google ads. People turn to Google when they need any assistance in product buying. If your ad figures on top of the sponsored results in real-time, you increase your chances of growing your affiliate.

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