How To Start A Copywriting Side Hustle In 2023?

copywriting side hustle

We live in an interaction-based world. Here customers interact with brands through various forms and decide which ones they want to purchase. However, it is hard for them to make a decision. This is because the choices are many, and almost all of them offer the same benefits.

That is where the concept of advertising crept in, and copywriting is an essential part of it. In simple terms, copywriting help present your brand in a unique light. After reading the copy, the reader should feel the need to know more about the product. Or the copy should get them to take action.

The criticality of copywriting anywhere in the world makes it a successful career choice. Not only that, but you can also adopt copywriting as a great side hustle with your new job to earn extra cash.

Here are my suggestions and ideas on how to start a copywriter side hustle in 2023.

What is copywriting?

In digital marketing, copywriting is an art that involves writing persuasive content that would attract customers’ attention. It helps in marketing the products and services to the customer and gets them to take action. Since the end result of a copywriting business is to increase sales, it occupies a very important place in advertising.

Copywriters are supposed to write materials that would immediately draw attention. Some examples of copywriting full-time are:

  • Written material in a magazine ad
  • A website that is selling a product uses copy for the call to action
  • Promotional content
  • Social media posts
  • Emails
  • Billboards
  • Posters
  • Case studies
  • Sales letters
  • Newsletter
  • WordPress Posting
freelance copywriting

Almost every company with a plan to advertise needs a copywriter to assist. They can have an in-house copywriter or assign the task to an agency. Some small projects that a freelance copywriter can accomplish for extra income are:

  • Marketing– The marketing copywriter generates all the copy for marketing campaigns, etc. This includes jingles, ad copy, slogans, etc. The marketing copywriter must write brand identity guides, product descriptions, social media posts, etc.
  • B2B– This type of copywriting involves companies that sell their products to other companies. Usually, copy here entails brochures, sales copies, pamphlets, etc.
  • Direct response– Direct response copywriting is promotional copy that encourages the customer to complete the purchase. So, copy written for calls to action like “Buy Now” and “Order today” would fall under this category.
  • SEO– SEO or search engine optimization helps improve your website’s ranking. SEO copy, therefore, uses the keywords and other SEO tactics needed for the copy to rank online.
  • Sales– Sales copy is highly important as it works on the last step of the purchase process. It includes writing persuasive copy that would help customers make the final purchase. You will find this type in website content, sales pages, direct response letters, newsletter, social media and Google ads, blueprints, webinars, etc.
  • Creative– Creative copywriting is the skill of not only giving information but doing it in an interesting and memorable way. It can be seen in your ad slogans, jingles, tv commercials, and headlines.
  • Email– Email marketing campaigns are personalized attempts to reach out to your customers. An email copywriter would draft emails writing about new offers or asking readers to take action.

How to start a copywriting side hustle: step-by-step guide

If you have a flair for writing great content and understand the importance of sales copy, the copywriting field suits you. People start a side hustle and learn to write compelling content that encourages the readers to take sales action. Since every business needs to be promoted, being a copywriter is much in demand. Read on to learn step-by-step how you can start a copywriting perfect side hustle.

copywriting side hustle

Make a LinkedIn profile

The first step to proceed with starting copywriting as a side hustle is to create a LinkedIn profile. Most potential clients post their requirements on the platform, and you can connect with them. Add your copywriting experience details in the bio so people can look for you. Also, use keywords like “Experienced copywriter” and “Marketing copywriter” to feature in search results.

Create a portfolio

Next, build a portfolio of the work you have done. This will include any practice work like posters, ads, emails, etc. You could set up your own website and display the samples there if possible. To help you build samples, you can take up free projects that offer the needed exposure.

Learn good copywriting

Obviously, until you know all the skills of writing great copy, you will not make it big. You can follow copywriting blogs to understand the key nuances. Or join a copywriting course that would clear all your doubts. There are many copywriting books like Ann Handley’s Everybody Writes. YouTube has interesting content on copywriting, and you can have a look at the videos uploaded. Try getting free work to gain the required exposure.

Find part-time job boards/freelancing websites

Writing job boards and freelancing websites are the best ways to find unlimited opportunities. Go to these job boards every day and see if they have something to get you to earn extra. Some job boards and sites you can trust for a gig are:

  • ProBlogger
  • FlexJobs
  • Contena
  • All Freelance Writers
  • Freelance writing
  • Upwork
  • Solid Gigs
  • MediaBistro
  • Guru

Pitch to clients

You have some interesting samples to show, hence can start pitching your copywriting services. Apply for projects at the various platforms and follow up for reversals. To get a steady stream of clients, you can also post about your skills on LinkedIn. Then accept responses from clients looking for copywriters. Online there are many copywriting forums and boards that you could be a part of. Clients frequent such forums, and you can find some projects for free.

Client retention

You have got a client, but do you know how to retain them? You could start asking them for their feedback on your work. Plus, you should offer edits to work submitted if it does not match their requirements of the type of copy. Take up new responsibilities and brush up your skills to add more clients and extra money. Ask them to write testimonials for your work on professional platforms.

How can AI writing assistants accelerate copywriting?

The advent of AI has influenced copywriting too. Algorithms used by AI boost the writing skills of copywriters. Some other ways in which these assistants can accelerate the copywriting process for freelancers are:

AI writing assistant

Grammar and Spelling check

You cannot publish any copy if it’s full of grammatical errors. Tools like Grammarly and ProWritingAid have introduced AI editing software that would pinpoint even the minutest of errors in the document. Apart from that, the software would also recommend any change as per writing style to enhance the write-up’s quality. The too would eliminate any extra usage of words and sentence length variations and provide a polished piece.

Citation generator

When writing white papers or research documents, you are supposed to submit citations and sources. AI tools provide citation generator services. These tools generate correct references and citations from what is mentioned in the document. It helps users understand the context and value of the content.


Often the same content you’re working on needs to be told in different ways. Paraphrasing AI tools modify the content keeping its initial meaning. They modify the content keeping its initial meaning intact. They would also suggest synonyms for words to help make necessary changes in the document. Prominent paraphrasing AI tools include QuillBot, Copy AI, Writesonic, etc.

Plagiarism check

Plagiarism or copied content is the bane of copywriting. Google disapproves of such content and penalizes any website using the same. Many tools like, Copyscape, Grammarly, etc., exist in the market to assist with your writing gig. Their task is to find out if there is any duplicate content used. With such tools, it’s easier to provide the exact source from where the content has been lifted from. 


Copywriting has one basic purpose, and that is to generate sales. The kind of copy created to reach the goal can, however, vary. Some clients expect their ads to have huge use of copy, while others may do with just a few one-liners. It is purely dependent on the type of reaction we expect to get.

Mostly a copywriter aims to evoke some kind of response from the customer. Effective copy implies using words and tones that would convince the readers to take action. It takes time to master the art and style, but once done, copywriting as a side hustle offers huge opportunities for growth. To start a copywriting side hustle, you must be totally dedicated, and the results will soon follow.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much can you earn by copywriting?

Your earnings as a copywriter would depend on the type of niche you pick. If you choose a proper full-time job, the average salary is $57,000 per annum according to Payscale. However, if it is freelance copywriting, the earnings may vary depending on the amount of work provided by your clients.

What type of copywriting work is in demand?

The in-demand part-time copywriting skills, as per AWAI, are b2b or business-to-business copywriting. This includes selling goods to another business that has a need for the product. For instance, heavy machinery manufacturers sell their products to warehouses, factories, etc.

Can you do copywriting with no experience?

If you have a flair for writing, you could try entering the copywriting gig with no experience and start copywriting as a side hustle. However, as time passes by, hustlers have to attain some specialized skills. This would ensure knowledge of market outreach, changes, and adaptability to the same.

Should I get a copywriter certification?

To launch your copywriting side hustle, it is wise to get a copywriter certification for full-time learning. It would give you a breakthrough in the industry and hone your skills. Sales copywriting requires a lot of modifications as per context, and certification gives you an idea of all the nuances.

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