Blinq vs Beaconstac Business Cards Detailed Comparison – You Will Know Your Fit Right Now!

blinq vs beaconstac business card

When it comes to the popular digital business cards, Blinq and Beaconstac are the two most popular options that have created a huge niche for themselves. But which among them would you find quite an excellent option among two? To understand that, we would perhaps need to go through a complete review and analysis of the two digital business cards.

What is the Blinq Digital Business card?

Blinq is a powerful and perfect option for the best NFC-based digital business card solutions. If you are checking out the best options for networking, the Blinq card is one of the most excellent options ever. The platform works seamlessly with multiple modes, such as QR Codes, Apple Watch integrations, Smartphone widgets, and NFC business cards.

The affordability, ease of use, and excellent customer service are a few great options that you would find quite innovative. The fact that the digital business card is used by top-end companies such as Google and Uber makes it a formidable option for almost all your expectations and needs. These cards are extremely simple and easy to create and can be shared in multiple ways.

blinq digital business card

Blinq is best suited for

Beaconstac Digital Business Cards – An Overview

In case you are searching for the best digital business cards with the easy-share QR codes functionality, Beaconstac digital business cards should be the best option that you would not want to miss out on.

Apart from the QR code mode, the digital business card can also be shared in several other modes, which include through your email signature, your resume, or even as a brochure or a pamphlet. It can be easily shared via Apple and Google wallets making it one of the most innovative options. An efficient CRM integration is another feature we found quite interesting and unique on the platform.

Beaconstac is known for the following features

  • The enterprise-level solution
  • A powerful and robust bulk card creation
  • Best for organizations with a sizable workforce
  • Offers comprehensive tools for managing and customizing your cards

Blinq vs Beaconstac Digital Business cards – A Concise comparison

For a helpful at-a-glance experience, here we go with the comparison table for the two best digital business cards viz Blinq and Beaconstac –




Custom layouts



Card scan analytics



Bulk card creation



One-click download



No apps required



24 x 7 customer support



Multiple uses access



API support



Customizable card support



Blinq vs Beaconstac Digital Business Cards Comparison

Blinq vs Beaconstac Digital Business Cards – Feature-by-Feature Comparison

Having gone through the tabular comparison, we will now compare Beaconstac vs Blinq digital business cards in a feature-by-feature comparison-

beaconstac business card

Bulk Card Creation

The bulk creation feature refers to the ability to create multiple cards in one single-click operation. This feature can be quite useful and practical in cases where you are looking to create multiple cards for each of your team members or for different roles in your organization.

Both Blinq and Beaconstac come with a powerful bulk creation option. But the efficiency and features do differ a little. Beaconstac does provide you access to a better bulk card creation option.

Customer care support

Customer care is one of the most essential and important features that one needs to analyze. This is the prime feature as it lets you get in touch with the support for any of the issues that you may have. Good customer care will ensure that you will get help almost instantly.

Beaconstac offers you support for email and live chat support for 24 x 7. Apart, you also have a knowledge base that is quite comprehensive in nature. The customer service provides you with instant responses to queries and offers completely satisfactory assistance. A few of the paid plans offer you a dedicated customer service manager to offer assistance to you.

Blinq, on the other hand, offers you an email service along with a dedicated help center. The customer support is available and is prompt enough, but they do not offer a 24/7 support service. The availability of live chat support is not mentioned on the official website.


Both Beaconstac and Blinq offer customization options for their digital business cards. You can customize the design, layout, and content on your digital business cards as per your preferences. You can create a card based on your brand and your personal preferences.

You can create cards that are aesthetically appealing and have a unique look. Beaconstac offers you templates to work with. When you look at the total customization options, you will find both Blinq and Beaconstac offering a very decent and great look.


If analytics is what matters to you a lot, Beaconstac excels with its smart scan analytics feature. It lets you track the individual and bulk card views and interactions. It also handles a lot of other data. These analytical features help you in measuring the network effectiveness and help you in monitoring the card performance. Beaconstac offers you real-time card analytics features based on location, time, type of device, and operating device used for scanning.

In contrast, Blinq offers an individual card interaction. You can track the card viewing activity, but there are no options to measure the card scan analytics feature. You will also not have any data on the frequency of the card usage. Thus monitoring the card performance cannot be possible.

Card Shareability

If you look at the shareability of the card details, Beaconstac comes with the best features when compared to Blinq digital business card. The shareability options on Blinq are a little limited when compared to Beaconstac.

Beaconstac lets you share digital business cards through both online and offline modes. Some of the channels that you can share the Beaconstac digital business card include Google and Apple wallets, Email Signatures, URLs, and QR codes.

When it comes to Blinq, the shareability is limited to QR Codes, URLs, or email signatures.


Once again, Beaconstac takes the lead when it comes to handling user security. It comes with the best robust and industry-leading security features. It provides you access to SOC 2 Type 2 certification. This should indicate the strict security features and privacy standards. The Beaconstac also offers you GDPR compliance and offers you access to personal data protection for the EU countries. The compliance also includes multi-factor authentication.

  • Some of the security features offered would include
  • SSO (Single Sign-On) login for enhanced authentication
  • Custom domain support
  • Data encryption for safeguarding sensitive information
  • Password protection
  • URL-based phishing detection

Blinq provides basic security features such as multi-factor authentication, SSO login, and data encryption. However, you do not have access to certification such as SOC 2 Type 2 or GDPR compliance.


Integration is an area in which Beaconstac stands apart. It works seamlessly through direct integration with Microsoft Azure Active Directory. This is one of the excellent options for smooth user engagement and authentication. Beaconstac digital business cards seamlessly with more than 3000 apps. This would be helpful in a door-to-door, endless task automation with no coding.

Blinq is all about integration powers with Zapier. Lack of integration with other tools may be a little annoying and may put Blinq on a backfoot. However, Zapier integration may be a good option for seeking streamlined workflows and task automation.


When you look at retargeting, Beacontac offers integration with Pixel and Google Ads. This can help get back to your audience who scanned your digital business card but did not convert.

You will not find such related options in Blinq. We did not find any sort of retargeting on Blinq digital business cards.

API Access

Beaconstac offers powerful API support to fit your individual needs and expectations. Once again, Blinq does lack these features.

Beaconstac vs Blinq Digital Business Cards – Pricing Comparison

Beaconstac offers you Three pricing plans for its customers –

  • Lite – At $15 per month, it offers you one user seat and 50 dynamic QR codes. It is a good choice for small businesses that are looking to gain more customers.
  • Pro – This plan is available at $49 and offers you one user seat and 250 dynamic QR codes. It is a good pick for mid-scale businesses that may need advanced QR codes.
  • Plus – At $99 per month, the plan provides you with three user teams. The plan provides you access to up to 500 dynamic QR codes. This is a good pick for businesses that may need managing multiple teams or clients. This plan is best suited for multi-user management.

Blinq, on the other hand, comes with the following pricing options –

  • Free – Free to use and an option to generate up to two cards.
  • Premium – Priced at $$2.99 per month, it provides you with complete customization of your digital business cards.
  • Business – At $4.99 per card per month, it helps you manage your teams quite effectively.

Both Beaconstac and Blinq offer you enterprise solutions with custom pricing. You can get in touch with the customer service support of the respective digital cards to get a better price negotiation.

Beaconstac excels with the best pricing options for each of the varied customer bases. Blinq, on the other hand, comes with a simplified pricing structure.

Which One is best for your needs – Beaconstac vs Blinq?

The world of digital business cards has been innovative, and it is quite important to select a solution that best meets your needs. Both Beaconstac and Blinq do offer you a few great features in their own right.

But, among the two, Beaconstac excels with an outstanding set of features with its high-end customization, seamless CRM and HRM tools integration, and an excellent degree of security features. You would find it a great option for all your needs to create powerful branding and efficient data management.

Blinq is what stands for simplicity and faster sharing. One of the convenient features that you would find with the ease of convenience and efficiency. It comes with features like easy sharing and a unified dashboard for all your card management needs. A few other features that you may find interesting would include synchronization between digital and physical cards, personalized NFC card designs, and automatic contact logging.

Finally, the choice between Beaconstac and Blinq digital business cards should ideally rest with you. Make sure to conduct research into the prime features that you would expect in your choice of cards and make a learned decision. The comparison of the features offered by each of these cards, as outlined above, should help you arrive at the features that you would look for. Take a comprehensive look and decide based on the insights we have shared in the above comparison. The above guide will help you find the best features and options offered by each of those cards.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which business card is more secure – Blinq vs Beaconstac?

The security measures and features on Blinq are quite basic in nature. On the other hand, Beaconstac offers decent security options such as GDPR and SOC2 Type II compliance, SSO login, data encryption, multi-factor authentication, and URL-based phishing detection.

Do these digital business cards require app downloads?

With Blinq, your recipients are expected to download the app to access the card. But, Beaconstac does not need you to download any app. It can be easily shared through Apple, Google Wallets, or even QR codes.

Which business cards offer better sharing options -Beaconstac or Blinq?

The sharing options on Blinq are pretty limited and basic. You can share your cards through email signatures and QR codes. With Beaconstac, however, you can share the card through multiple options. A few of the options would include your Apple/Google Wallet, QR Codes, Apple Siri, email signatures, and social media. The contactless card-sharing options on Beaconstac make it a preferred option. However, both cards offer decent proximity marketing options.

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