11 Best Digital Business Cards To Try In 2023 – Find Your Best Fit

best digital business cards

If you have been to a networking event or any professional gathering, you might have encountered this uneasy situation. I have faced it quite a number of times. Someone you meet at the event asks for your business card, and you don’t have any. You sheepishly ask for their phone number and promise to send your business card. If you are a networking professional, the digital business card should be something that would redefine your possibilities of connecting with more business leads. 

It can be quite annoying not to have your business card with you. If you have faced this situation, it might have felt quite irksome. But wait, you need not worry anymore. I am bringing you face to face with a solution to this problem and help save you from awkwardness. Digital Business cards offer the right answer here. You can share your digital business card about your profession with anyone in a jiffy. In fact, they would be the best way to have digital cards for your team and share them with ease. 

However, choosing the right business card can be a tough choice. That is what I am here for. I will check out a few great-looking business cards and analyze each to find which would suit your needs best.

What is a digital business card?

A Digital Business card is easy to carry form of business card that can have a digital imprint along with a physical card at times. Instead of handing over your physical business card in paper form, you can share your digital business card through email, text, instant messenger, QR code, or NFC technology. 

The business card market has two major varieties: QR code cards and NFC cards. There are a few other options that provide a combination of both QR and NFC cards, thus called hybrid cards. QR code business cards are much popular because they are easy to create and can be scanned by any device that can scan a QR code.

The NFC business cards have been yet another high-end revolution. The NFC cards belong to the physical, digital card category that provides you a short-range wireless technology through Near Field Communication. The NFC cards can share data and information. 

The format and content of a digital business card can vary based on personal preferences and from business to business. Some may prefer a business card with basic details, while others may add more info, such as a photo, location, and links to your portfolio. 

The business cards can be highly customizable and wallet-friendly compared to physical business cards.

What are the 11 best digital business cards in 2023?

Having been initiated into the world of digital business cards and finding how effectively they can improve your ability to share your business details and other information hassle-free, how about checking out a few digital business card solutions in 2023 that you can use?

We will check out the top digital business cards and analyze their features and what specific purpose they serve you.

1.    V1CE

V1CE is one of the top digital business cards ever in terms of classiness. Support for NFC makes it best suited for international use. If it appeals to you, this one should be right for you. The card provides you access to a wide range of designs and materials.

The ease of use and user-friendly platform ensure that V1CE is one of the most interesting business cards you would find much decent.


Prime features

  • No need for a mobile app or subscriptions.
  • You can ship your card globally anywhere
  • 30-day moneyback guarantee
  • You can update your business information in case of any changes in real-time. 
  • Prepare your business card in different attractive materials such as metal, bamboo, or plastic.


  • Stylish-looking business cards
  • NFC functionality
  • Awesome and beautiful designs to choose from


  • Some products may end up not being available
  • There is no free option available


Pricing would depend on the type of material used for the card. You can buy them for prices ranging from $51 to $126.

V1CE pricing

I loved the look of the card the most. It can be the right choice for those involved in the creative world, such as fashion design and related industries. The intuitive digital business card designs are what would make them stand apart.

The V1CE business cards are right if you want great physical looks. They are the right ones for anyone involved in the creative industry as they are in tune with the vibe.

2.    Blinq

If you are into the networking business world and want to explore it further, I suggest opting for the Blinq Digital business cards. My experience when using the services showed that creating a digital business card is extremely user-friendly. You can even design a beautiful NFC physical business card with the service. They can be the best business cards for your team. 

The ease of sharing your contact and other business details makes a digital business card stand out. It lets you add almost every detail about your business, making it the right choice for those with diverse business interests. 


Prime features

  • Customize your business card with logos and color schemes as per your preferences.
  • An absolute preference for the privacy and security of the user
  • Easy share option for your business card
  • A single uniform dashboard.
  • Best sync performance between digital and physical business cards.


  • Easy to create beautiful designs
  • Support for Apple Watch
  • Reasonable pricing
  • The app allows you to create multiple business profiles


  • Limited options for the devices
  • No color customization
  • No video embed features available on the card


You can create a Blinq business card for free for individuals. For the advanced features, you can opt for the high-end plans at $2.99 and $4.99 for the Premium and Business plans. All the plans offer your 30-day free trial.

Blinq pricing

I found the card a great option with the best-in-class UI and ease of use. Ease of integration with Microsoft Azure Active Directory and other IAM systems is what turned into the core. The ability to integrate seamlessly with the CRMs was an added advantage.

If you are looking for a secure digital business card solution in 2023 that is focused on the environment, Blinq should fit the bill for you. The card’s security features make it the best pick for those paying special attention to security.

3.    Popl

Popl is a business card app that helps you connect with other professionals in your genre. The clean design and ease of use make it a unique proposition. It can be your best bet for the perfect hybrid business card. 

The Popl business card can help you capture leads by scanning business cards. Popl cards effectively integrate with Outlook, Zoho, HubSpot, Salesforce, and many other apps using Zapier. The multiple NFC sharing options on the Popl business cards include digital cards, badges, or wristbands.


Prime features

  • You can instantly share your business information which may include contact info, social media accounts, payment apps, videos, and files
  • Compatibility with the top-edge CRMs like Zoho, Salesforce, Hubspot, and others
  • 24 x 7 one-to-one customer support options
  • Comfortable and cleaner user experience


  • Great NFC capabilities
  • More than 5000 integrations supported
  • Customization options for the NFC sticker.
  • Ease of updating your business card information on the go


  • The features come at a cost


For individuals, Popl offers a free plan. The paid plans begin at $6.49 per month. You can avail of the Popl Pro at $6.49 a month and Popl Pro+ at $11.99 a month. You can also get a 14-day free trial on their plans.

Popl pricing

If NFC functionality is your most important factor, I suggest you opt for the Popl business card. Multiple link options on the card make it the best pick for a one-tap linking. The intuitive design of the card further impressed us.

It is the right card for those looking to enhance their networking and get the best ROI on their networking efforts. It can be an excellent means to increase your connections.

4.    Beaconstac

The ability to create a digital business card with the help of QR codes would make the digital business card stand out from the rest. You can create digital business cards that meet your individual preferences and tweak them as per your preferences. Yet another prime feature that sets Beaconstac’s digital business cards apart from the competition is the high-end security features onboard. 

The ease of customization of your business cards should leave you with plenty of options. The intuitive interface lets you add details to the business card, including contact, address, website, location, 20+ social media links, Shopify and Calendly links, user images, and more.

best digital business card

Prime features

  • Designing QR codes and efficient personalization
  • Multiple CRM integrations
  • Enhanced security options compliant with GDPR and SOC-2.
  • Best options for location-based marketing


  • Faster option to create electronic business cards
  • Ability to centrally manage your business cards
  • Integration of HR tools
  • Dynamic QR codes


  • It may be a little expensive for individuals


Plans start from $15 for individuals. The businesses can avail the digital business cards at $99 per month. All the plans are billed every month.

Beaconstac pricing

The security options on the card impressed us a lot. Integration with the CRM tools and the ability to save your cards on Google Wallet would make them stand apart from the rest.

Beaconstac is the best card for those looking forward to securing QR code-based virtual business cards. You can definitely consider Beaconstac if you are looking for an easy-to-create and share digital business card. 

5.    Haystack

Want to create a huge first impression? Haystack is another digital business card solution that you should opt for. It can be your best way to help you connect in a very easy-to-use, contact-free manner. It can also double up as one of the most unique marketing tools. The easy integration with the CRM tools would make it a worthy pick. It is one of the right picks for the virtual business card app.

It can be the best option for those on a budget and wanting exemplary digital business cards. You can create beautiful digital business cards using various themes, fonts, colors, and icons. You can also use it as a great means of showcasing your business uniquely and personally.


Prime features

  • Let you create unique QR codes and URL
  • You can also add an email signature to any of your preferred email clients
  • The emphasis on privacy and security is yet another prime feature
  • Let you analyze your marketing efforts with business analytics


  • Includes a free version
  • Ability to integrate with popular CRMs
  • Available on multiple platforms to make digital cards 
  • Helps in building quality connections


  • No NFC option is available
  • The website lacks a few features


A free plan is available for individuals. Businesses can go with the premium plan at $4.95 per month. You can contact Haystack for a more personalized plan if you are an enterprise.

Haystack pricing

The best-in-class interface and the outstanding security features make it a formidable pick. An effective set of sharing options is another feature I loved the most. The functional CRM capabilities are another feature that is rather more impressive.

If you are someone looking to analyze your statistics, and marketing performance, this one should be the right card you would prefer to choose. It can be an excellent means to help you in driving more traffic to your website.

6.    MobilO

The USP of the Mobilo digital business card lies in the fact that it offers you multiple NFC connection options. You can pick from several NFC distribution formats, like, a card, key fob, or a smart button to share your business card. Think of it as a physical business card with NFC and QR code support. They come with a chip inside to help you send your information to the phone or anyone you want to share it with. 

The business card has been known to be one of the right picks for customer care services. These cards are made of PET plastic, which should be one of the strongest features in their favor. That should make them the right pick for the environmentally friendly design. They also offer wood and metal cards.


Prime features

  • Does not need software to install as it is completely web-based.
  • It can automatically add content to your CRM.
  • It comes with a set of powerful modes that you can choose from – business card, landing page, lead generation, and link to any URL.
  • Automatic leads generation supported
  • Create your unique email signatures to work with your preferred email clients.


  • No subscription fees. Just buy an NFC product, and you are good to go.
  • Real-time update of the information
  • You can customize your QR code to suit your business.


  • The landing page is a little minimalistic and may not be as interactive as on the competing services and products


No monthly fee is involved, making it one of the best digital business cards. You need to buy a product, and you are good to go. The NFC products will be chargeable as per the product you choose.

mobilo pricing

No subscription fees can be a great feature for small businesses. Efficient lead tracking and generation of leads should make it stand apart. Multiple modes of using digital business cards can also make it interesting in its own right.

The business card is right for those of you who may be tight on budget and need help paying monthly or yearly subscription fees.

7.    Linq

If you are into networking, Linq is the best digital business card solution you can opt for. It lets you share your business information with prospective clients or anyone with customizable pages. It was one of the original cards to use NFC and has been observed to be the right one regarding engaging communication and information with your contacts.

It is a completely customizable option to work with – with the ability to share links, photos, contact information, and more. The business card can also work with analytics, such as views and clicks. You can even set reminders for follow-up with the newer contacts.


Prime features

  • You can create multiple profiles for a single contact to build a business card
  • An excellent option for converting leads into customers
  • You can customize your digital business cards to your satisfaction.


  • You can choose from among a huge number of products viz tags, custom cards, badges, bracelets, and product bundles
  • Easy integration with over 350 CRM tools
  • Real-time analytics supported
  • Flexible subscription options


  • It may not be as intuitive as some of the competing products
  • Advanced features would need you to pay for the subscriptions


Linq offers you several products. The price would be based on the products and services that you choose. Linq Cards would cost you $ $37, while the networking bundle would be chargeable at $44.99

linq pricing

The high-end customization the card offers is the prime feature. Of course, I needed to catch up on the intuitive nature of the software to some extent. However, the best lead conversion options available on the tool should make it stand out from the rest.

The business card should be the right pick for the best networking. The card has been rated the best pick for in-person networking.

8.    HiHello

Are you a solo entrepreneur? The HiHello card should be the right pick you wish to go with. While it claims to be a free solution, it isn’t free. You can create multiple profiles on the service. Thus, you can create a card for personal connections and one for work-related affairs! Isn’t that wonderful?

You can check out a beautiful interface and browse through different digital business cards that can link multiple pieces of information, some of which may include contact information, social media, PDFs, and more. Multiple sharing options should be another prime option that you would find much enticing. You can share your details through QR Code, email, text, or URL You can even mask your phone number and use a HiHello number if you wish to.


Prime features

  • Professional email signature generator included
  • Extremely affordable business cards
  • You can keep your cards always updated
  • Powerful CRM integrations


  • Easy to navigate dashboard
  • Multiple cards design to choose from
  • Multiple sharing options include QR code, Link sharing, Airdrop, NFC tag, Apple Watch, and many more.
  • Add a lot of information on the card viz photo, live photo or video, social media accounts, company logo, Yelp page, chat apps, and much more


  • No option for creating a bulk digital business card
  • Analytics may be a little basic


Free plan available for individual users. Business users can create cards for more than 5 users at $5 per user.

hihello pricing

The easy-to-use instructions are one of the most unique features. This should be the right option for creating business cards for the first time.

The HiHello is the right digital business card app and quite an excellent option for solo entrepreneurs. 

9.    KadoNetwork

If you are a large-scale networking professional, Kado Network should be the best that can happen to you. It should be the best option to serve you as an all-in-one online networking app. It is an excellent way to share, receive, and organize digital cards. It also assists you in capturing leads and centralizing your contacts.

It isn’t just a business card but an excellent means to help you network with potential clients. It also features outstanding options and features such as templates, a paper business card scanner, and QR codes for sharing.

kado network

Prime features

  • Customize the colors to suit your branding
  • You can include office location, social media links, videos, and personalized buttons.
  • Multiple options to share your digital business cards, such as e-business cards via QR code, widget, wallet, or email signature.
  • Admin control feature


  • An extremely easy-to-use interface
  • Sync all your contacts in one place
  • Support for integration with more than 100 CRM tools
  • Vcard feature


  • Free plan that allows no advanced features
  • It may be a little expensive for the smaller businesses


Kado Network offers a free plan, but for the best-advanced features, you need to opt for the paid plans. The Teams plan costs you $3.71 per month, while the Business Plan will be chargeable at $7.48 a month.

kado network pricing

The Kado Network comes with a steep learning curve which may be a concern in certain cases. However, once you master it, the app is a great assistant to help you create and share your digital business card.

The card is best suited for those involved in large-scale networking. It should be the right pick for all your expectations in an all-in-one networking cum business card solution.

10.  CamCard

Rather than calling it a digital business card, I would prefer calling it a digital card organizer. It is not something that you would use to create a business card. It is more like a business card trader. It assumes the position of both physical and digital business card trader. 

The best feature that makes it the right pick is its ability to quickly scan a business card and auto-populate the information available on it. You can share the card with your friends as part of your marketing strategy. You can even add notes to the card to help you remember the trivia details about the person.


Prime features

  • It can efficiently synchronize across multiple devices such as Tablets, Computers, and cell phones.
  • Integration with a good number of CRMs
  • Support for multiple languages
  • It can scan traditional paper business cards as well


  • Create a virtual business card from a physical card
  • An efficient software that organizes your business cards
  • Offers you the benefit of having both physical and virtual cards


  • It is dependent on the physical card for the functionality
  • UI is not much appealing


The card organizer feature is available for free for the first month. It is chargeable at $7.99 per month from the second month onwards. 

I loved the excellent integration with the CRMs. The ability to convert physical cards into digital business cards makes it a formidable pick. The effective and efficient card digitization options are something I felt impressive. 

This can be the best pick for those looking to create digital cards out of a physical card. The CamCard app is a great pick for small businesses. They may also be the right pick for those using digital cards for the first time. It should be the best digital business card creator. 

11.  Canva

Canva is not a business card app as such and it does not come with any card-related features. It is basically a tool that you can use for designing your digital cards. If you are creative enough, you will find it to be a great option to help you design the most beautiful cards.

The app has been updated recently and offers you the best choice to create digital business cards and printed ones from the platform just with a few clicks. You can choose from among thousands of professional digital card templates to choose from and create your favorite cards.


Prime features

  • Completely free. You are charged only for extra designs for digital business card creation
  • You can create business cards for actual printing or can even upload them to the card organizers such as CamCard
  • You can have both physical and digital cards.
  • Multiple options to customize your card


  • Perfect choice for personal usage
  • A plethora of features
  • Completely digital if you wish


  • No CRM integration


Canva has a free version. The Pro version costs $12.99/month for one person.

canva pricing

It isn’t actually a business card, but only helps you create beautiful designs for your digital business cards. It can only be the best one for creating an aesthetic look for your business card.

Canva is the right choice for the most creative among you. It can help you create wonderful designs and looks for your business card. If you’re looking for the best card creation tool, Canvva is the best.

What are the Benefits of a Digital Business Card?

Well, those are the top 11 digital business card options we have explored. But, ever wondered why you chose a digital business card? What benefits do you stand to gain with digital business cards? Explore a few key reasons for checking out the best digital business cards besides the obvious reason of personal branding or business branding at networking events.

They can be a convenient means of sharing contact details

Since every one of us owns a smartphone, it is easier to share your contact and business info easily. You do not need to have dozens and dozens of paper cards in your drawer. Share your cards through a communication channel that you prefer- jiffy!

Update your information in real-time.

Digital business cards let you keep your business information updated in real-time.  In the case of paper cards, even a slight change would require you to wait until they are printed and delivered. In addition, your existing cards will stay without that crucial information.

Digital business cards are eco-friendly

Given that over 7 million trees are cut for printing paper business cards, shifting to digital business cards can be a sensible decision and helps you take care of the environment responsibly.

They are convenient to store and easy to share

Adding a digital business card can be an excellent option to store and save. You can add it to your digital signature or even your website, and you are good to go. Your business info is readily available to anyone looking for it.

Closing Thoughts

There you go – reviewing and analyzing the 11 best digital business card makers. They have been used extensively by a large user base and tested across multiple parameters. To summarise, each has its plus points and would be the right pick for your requirements. Picking the best among them will ideally be based on your individual preferences. If you are looking for the best digital card, the choices above should ideally meet your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are electronic business cards worth buying?

Yes, the digital business cards are absolutely worth it. They provide you with the convenience of storage and sharing. That apart, you can keep them updated in real-time. They can help you in maximizing your network efforts. 

Are there any free digital business card platforms for beginners?

Yes, you would find several digital business cards worthy of it. You can also find a few business cards with a free plan for individuals, albeit with limited features. Blinq, Haystack, and Popl are good examples of free digital card platforms.

What to include when you send an electronic business card?

The most important part that is included in your electronic business card is your contact info. Usually, it would include your email address, social media accounts, a picture, even a short video about your business, and/or a portfolio of your work. 

Which are the important distinctions between NFC business cards and digital business cards?

NFC business cards offer you a tap-to-share feature. Digital cards, on the other hand, provide a complete digital contact exchange option and a great advantage over the traditional business card.

In the case of the NFC cards, you will not be able to share the contact details and other info in a 100% contactless manner. You will need to create physical NFC cards for the purpose of sharing the info. You will need to tap on the client’s mobile devices to share information. Digital business cards can be the best way to network contactless. They can be shared through digital wallets, email signatures, and social media. 

Do you think digital business cards are the future?

Digital business cards have been the future of networking and professional engagement. They offer a great option for an online profile page containing a person’s contact information and other professional details. They can provide a great way to help you generate more business leads.

How to Choose the Best Digital Business Card Apps for Yourself?

A few factors that you need to consider when picking the best digital business cards can be

  • Ease of use
  • Customized card designs to promote your business
  • Best user interface
  • Bulk creation of digital business cards
  • Integrations with CRMs and other tools
  • Security and privacy


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