9 Best AI Writing Tools in 2023 – Get Your Virtual Writing Assistant

best ai writing tools

Let us say you are a writer and have always excelled in your field of work. But, the huge growth of AI writing tools has suddenly made you go weak in your knees. You wonder how to cope with the onslaught of AI writers and create a niche for yourself. However, using AI writing software as an assistant to write the best content is the key to success. 

That is where using the AI writing tools to your benefit comes in handy. Leverage the power of AI writers to enrich and enhance your own content writing and copywriting abilities – that is what you are expected to do if you want to scale up your business as an engaging content creator. But how to choose the best AI writing tools to try in 2023? The tips would help you achieve the best of your abilities in content writing. If you’re looking for the best AI content writer, continue reading us. 

What is an AI writing tool?

By definition, an AI writing tool is software that makes use of natural language processing (NLP) for generating text based on user input. That would mean the AI writer will create a piece of content based on the inputs you provide to it through the use of artificial intelligence. 

The AI writers are the software tools that help you as the content writer to develop better content. They would help you polish the grammar, spelling, style, and practically everything that you would find interesting. The advanced ones actually have automated article writing software options. 

It may be noticed that the best AI writing software tools are still in their infancy, but they still provide you with outstanding service quality in bettering your content. 

As a content writer myself, I find the tool quite efficient in helping me create awesome content by letting me alter the tone and language to a better degree.

9 Best AI Writing Tools For Your Consideration [Reviewed in Detail]

Having found what an AI Writer is all about, we will now pick the top 9 best AI Writing tools you can explore. Remember, however, that an AI content writer is a tool and does not possess human intelligence. It does go wrong sometimes, and consistent human intervention is necessary to get the best experience when dealing with a popular AI Writing tool. 

Go through the following tools and pick the best AI writing tool from the list.

1.    Writesonic

If you are into marketing, WriteSonic is the right choice that helps you create great marketing copy. It is a popular AI writing software tool that helps you write content faster and better! It has several templates for marketing copy that help you create content for several writing needs – right from a LinkedIn description to a Facebook ad copy. 

The advanced AI writing platform brings to the table a high degree of content with the best quality content. The additional Add-on features, such as Photosonic and ChatSonic, further enhance your experience beyond the capacity of an average AI content generation. The AI writer is powered by GPT 4 and is likely to be supporting the feature iterations of the software as well.


Key features

  • Ability to generate the best E-Commerce content such as Facebook ads or any other ad copy
  • Over 50 different copywriting templates to choose from across multiple genres ( at present).
  • Built-in grammar correction tool available
  • Easier integration and compatibility with Zapier and Surfer SEO, which help you increase your SEO-optimized content and performance and enhance your ranking.
  • Offers your writing the much-needed perfect tone, flow, structure, and voice.
  • Best templates for short-form content, such as ad copies 


  • An extremely budget-friendly option
  • Easy to use, even for those who are not tech-friendly
  • A faster content generation than the competitors


  • While it has a Grammar correction tool, some grammar issues go unnoticed
  • Tone settings for the articles are limited
  • Customer support is slower

Writesonic Pricing 

The best part is that it offers a free plan with limited features. The Pro plan comes with a price of $ 12.67 per month. The Enterprise solutions are available at customized pricing. 

writesonic pricing

The interface, though easy to use, is a little cluttered. You would find it more complex than the other competing tools in 2023 its genre. However, apart, it does provide you with easy-to-use functionality and is quite intuitive at what it does. 

Best for – While the tool can work wonders for creating blogs and articles, the strength of the software lies in creating marketing copies. The incredibly huge range of templates would make it stand apart from the competition. 

2.    LongShot AI

The prime feature that would set aside Longshot AI is its capability to fact-check the content that it creates. It comes with all the features that you would expect from an AI Writing tool. Right from templates to everything else that makes a powerful writing assistant. The assistant has a free trial and a subscription model and helps you create blogs and articles that are authentic.

The AI Writing tool is based on GPT 4 capabilities making it stand in tune with the needs of an average or even an expert content creator. It can help personalize your content based on your own personal preferences. It can efficiently create different content types that include blog posts, sales emails, and meta descriptions.

longshot ai

Key features

  • Automatic fact checker keeps it at a higher level than most of the other similar tools, which can produce content that is simply made up.
  • It can summarise a blog post and provide you with the FAQs for it
  • You can create your own custom templates for your style of writing
  • It can even create a list of LSI keywords for your content


  • The ability to research for topics and fact-check the content it produces
  • A powerful AI writing tool across several niches and genres
  • Comes with a Chrome extension making it easy to use
  • Integration with tools like WordPress, SEMrush, HubSpot, Ghost, and Medium.


  • Not many options to customize the interface
  • Limited tone options

LongShot AI Pricing 

The free plan with basic features is available. The Pro plans start at $19 per month. Other paid plans include Team at $ 49 and Agency at $ 299 per month.

longshot ai pricing

The fact-checking capabilities are what we loved the most with this advanced AI Writing software tool. The effective toolset and the web app feature are a couple of features that I was very impressed with. It can even help you research your blog post ideas which can be another added advantage.

Best for – I would prefer it for its excellent fact-checking capabilities and embedded research options. It can be the right option for bloggers and professional content writers in easier research. 

3.    Jasper AI

Jasper AI was perhaps one of the promising AI writing tools that came up first on the scene. Even when I have included it in third place here, it remains to be the number one among all the AI writing tools on the market. The powerful AI writing capabilities with the faster interface make it stand out from the rest. It has over 50 different templates to help you with a huge range of content types. 

You can create practically anything with Jasper, making it the best AI content writer. Right from social media posts to Ad copies to blog posts, it can help you with a huge range of different types of creations. Apart from writing your content, the tool can further be useful in a variety of other tasks such as proofreading, editing, and content optimization. 

jasper ai

Key features

  • Integration with Grammarly for error-free writing. 
  • You can work with Jasper through a Text to speech feature. You can give instructions with your voice, and the tools do the rest.
  • It can automatically undertake efficient SEO analysis. 
  • The tool offers plenty of tone settings


  • A huge range of templates and capabilities not limited to writing alone
  • Search engine optimization capable
  • Multi-language support for over 25 languages
  • Multiple features in one that includes a grammar checker, plagiarism tool, and even an SEO mode


  • A little expensive
  • It has a steeper learning curve but gets easy once you get used to the interface

Jasper AI Pricing

With a  new account, you can get 10000 credits worthy of 10000 words. You can opt for the additional credits through consultation with the developers. You can, however, opt for different paid plans that provide unlimited words but differential features. The Creator plan costs you $39 per month, the Teams plan is available at $99, and the Business plan offers customized pricing. 

jasper ai pricing

Jasper is perhaps the King (or perhaps queen) of AI Writing software tools. It has so many features that would leave all the other competitors to one side of the balance. I found the templates and the integration with other tools to be one of the huge strengths that you can never miss out on. It also doubles up as an SEO tool. 

Best for – A comprehensive best tool. Best suited for every sort of content creation with no exceptions. Irrespective of what you are about to do with the AI writing, it does help you with each of those features

4.    WordHero

A highly power-packed AI writer, WordHero is known for its lifetime deal. The huge number of AI templates, an easy-to-use interface, and the best outputs it comes with make it a formidable option for the best AI writing tools you can try out in 2023.

The tool is an all-purpose AI writer and comes with a lifetime deal on AppSumo. If you are looking for some on the fly content generation, WordHero should be the right pick. The long-form content creation, too, works fine, but it does not impress much when compared to the short-form content that it excels. 


Key features

  • Can be a good pick for blog outlines and conclusions
  • It can generate unlimited content in tune with the fair usage feature
  • You can use it for an all-purpose content generation that includes social media tools, blogging tools, eCommerce tools, and creative writing tools.
  • Support for more than 100 languages


  • Easy to use with the simple interface and navigation
  • Great for short-form content such as brochures, product descriptions, emails, etc
  • Best on-the-fly content generation


  • Average long-form content

WordHero Pricing 

The tool is available at $49 per month for the Pro plan. You can also check out the lifetime deal on AppSumo.

wordhero pricing

I tried it for both long-form content and short-term content. Even when you can use it for all-purpose content generation, I was not impressed with the quality and look of the content generated in the long form. However, I was greatly impressed with the short-form content, where it excelled. 

Best for – Obviously, for the on the fly content generation such as emails, marketing copies, and product descriptions. Perhaps, this is the best AI writing tool that can be used in an office environment.

5.    Copy AI

Copy AI is the best AI writing generator tool for copywriting and has been able to pip several powerful players into their own games. If you have used Jasper, you will find the tool offers you a similar experience in AI writing. It does work quite excellently in handling the tasks such as social media handling, landing page copies, and product descriptions, to name a few. The tool is based on GPT 3.0, just like Jasper 

The software claims to be a great tool for overcoming writer’s block, and that is definitely a fact. If you are feeling lost for ideas when writing long-form content, the tool does double up as an extensive option to get some ideas. With more than 6 million users globally, Copy AI does impress with its outstanding content capability. 

copy ai

Key features

  • It includes over 90 different templates letting you create content for multiple platforms.
  • Copy AI supports over 25 languages 
  • Comes with add-ons such as a verb booster, sentence simplifier, and grammar checker along with being the best AI copywriting tool
  • Integration with multiple CRM software tools


  • The AI-generated content is not detected by the AI tools
  • High-quality output for long-form and short-form content 
  • A very affordable pricing model
  • The free version is accessible forever


  • While you get long-form content, it may be a miss at times

Copy AI Pricing

A free plan with basic features is available in forever free mode. The paid plan is available at $36 per month. You can also ask for custom pricing for the enterprise plan.

copy ai pricing

The interface of the tool is what appealed to me the most. It is very much intuitive, and you can begin using it right away, irrespective of your expertise or lack of it.

Best for – If you are impressed with Jasper and cannot afford it, Copy.AI is your best pick. You can either choose the free plan or opt for the cheaper price of $36  which is definitely a steal for its capabilities. It is a good pick for both short and long-term content creation, but the short-form content excels.

6.    Grammarly

Grammarly is not exactly an AI content writing tool but a grammar assistant. It does not write a piece of content for the writers, but it helps them improve their writing and their grammar. Grammarly also lets you check the plagiarism in your content. It helps you in checking your grammar, spelling, and punctuation in your content. That can be of great help to optimize your content.

Grammarly is the best grammar assistant that doubles up as the prime AI writing tool. It does not simply check the grammar but can help change the tone and style of your content. It may be noticed that, at times, the suggestion may be wrong. You need to check each of the suggestions before you can accept them.


Key features

  • It checks your spelling in a highly contextual manner.
  • The best option for long-form content editing capabilities.
  • Comes with an efficient integration with a host of platforms
  • Improves the overall style and tone of your articles


  • Helps you in improving your writing in tune with the audience and the niche
  • Can check plagiarism content by highlighting the plagiarism found
  • Instant detection of errors.


  • Can mess up the article at times with improper suggestions
  • The paid version is expensive

Grammarly Pricing

Grammarly comes with a free version forever. But it does come with a limited capacity. The Pro version is a little expensive. It is available at $12 for the premium version and $15 for the business account.

As a content creator, Grammarly is my Go-To tool for practically every type of content that I write. It is the trendsetter when it comes to creating the best grammar checker ever available. The ability to check plagiarism and offer style and tone correction would further make it a standard tool in many ways.

Best for – It is a highly recommended tool for just about anyone. As long as you are writing something, Grammarly is perhaps the tool that should always be in your kitty. Bloggers and content creators would find it to be the best tool – thanks to its ability to provide contextual suggestions.

7.    Quillbot

Quillbot is an AI-powered writing tool for grammar checking and proofreading. The tool does not help you create content but helps you better it. In fact, it works almost similarly to Grammarly and offers similar features. It also lets you generate content, but the strength of the tool lies in checking grammar and proofreading your content. 

Quillbot can effectively paraphrase the content or even edit it on the go. It helps let you create content that is coherent and error-free. The availability of the AI content writing tool as a web app makes it the best when it comes to using it on both desktop and mobile devices. 


Key features

  • It assists in paraphrasing existing content with ease making it easy to create content 
  • Ensures that your content is grammatically correct and properly styled
  • The AI Writing assistant helps you add more ideas to what you have already written.
  • The best AI content writing tool to help summarise any content to make it a small form of content


  • Extremely simple and easy to use
  • Quite good at paraphrasing your existing content
  • Quite an affordable pricing
  • Can be used for free without an account with limited features 


  • May not be the right choice for long-form content, even when it is used by some users
  • Limited use cases

Quillbot Pricing 

You can use it for free and even without an account. However, to get the best features and advanced AI writing functionality, it is recommended to go with the Pro plans. The paid plans are available at $4.17 per month for the annual plan, $6.66 per month for the semi-annual plan, and $9.95 per month for the monthly plan.

quillbot pricing

The tool is comparable to Grammarly but also comes with a content generation capability. The paraphrasing options available on the tool are one of the best. However, when looking at the grammar suggestions and plagiarism-checking capability, I found Grammarly to be the best choice.

Best for – The tool is an excellent choice for proofreading, citations, and grammar checking. If you are checking out an AI writing tool that helps you with good content generation capability along with grammar checking, Quillbot should be the right pick for one of the best AI tools. 

8.    Anyword

Anyword is an AI writing tool that came into being even before AI assumed such huge proportions. It was one of the oldest AI apps, having come out in 2013. The major difference between most of the tools outlined here and Anyword is that it is not based on GPT. The tool has a built-in predictive analysis. From that perspective, Anyword is not even an AI writing tool. 

The predictive performance score offered by the tool makes it stand apart as a powerful AI writing assistant software. You can create a great-looking sales copy with the tool. The ability to create custom buyer personas would make the tool stand apart from the rest. It should be your best pick for the short-form content. 


Key features

  • Natural language processing capabilities.
  • Plagiarism checking capabilities
  • It also offers citation-finding and style-editing options
  • An effective and customized content generation


  • Customized creation of sales copies and similar other short-form content.
  • Offers predictive analysis score for an effective analysis of your copy
  • Can help you create a custom buyer persona for your copies


  • No GPT 3 support, unlike other AI writing tools here.
  • May not be the right pick for the long-form content

Anyword Pricing

The starter plan is available at $ 39 per month. The other paid plan is for the data-driven teams and is charged $ 79 per month. You can choose the business plans that are offered at custom pricing. 

anyword pricing

Anyword claims that its predictive score is one of the trendsetters in bringing out the best in your sales copy or any other writeups. But, it does not suggest a way to measure the accuracy of the same. Some of the outputs that I came across had a lot of repetition. That would need a lot of rephrasing which may prove to be a disappointment.

Best for – It should be the right pick for creating small sales copies. Even when it can create long-form content, the performance is not that great.

9.    Shakespeare AI

What better name would you have thought of when creating an AI Writing tool? Shakespeare AI is definitely worthy of its name, despite being the last on this list. It works really well across essays, emails, sales copies, and many more. The AI writer claims that it is the most human-like copy creator. And it lives up to the claim to a better extent. 

The AI writer has convenient templates for almost every type of content that you may be thinking of. It helps create a huge range of content that spans sales letters, social media content, essays, emails, Amazon product descriptions, or ad copy. The support for more than 100 languages is yet another feature that would bring it in tune with a host of other similar tools in this compilation. 

shakespeare AI

Key features

  • Options to create custom ads
  • An excellent email drafting capability
  • The tool can create full blog posts
  • An effective Search engine optimization with the help of AI
  • Easy-to-use interface


  • It can generate completely human-like posts and content
  • It comes with a template for whatever content type that you may be looking for
  • Effective in creating both short-form and long-form complaint


  • Some content may have glaring grammar errors.
  • Content created does not pass through the AI detectors
  • Expensive price tag

Shakespeare AI Pricing 

You can get the first 10000 words for free. The paid plans begin at $42 per month.

best ai writing tools

Except for the pricing, I liked almost every aspect of the AI writing tool. It can efficiently generate content in both short-form and long-form formats. It also gave me the best means to create high-quality content and ad copies. But, since the generated content does not pass through the AI detectors, I had to edit the content quite heavily. That can be a waste of time for most content creators if you want to take your content to the next level.

Best for – The AI content generator tool does come with advanced features and offers an excellent approach for almost every type of content. However, if you need content that needs to pass through AI fully without human edits, you may be at a loss. 

What are the advantages and disadvantages of AI Writing tools?

The AI writing tools should not be used for creating entire content per se. At least, that is what I would like to say about these AI writers. They do come with a few disadvantages and can create issues such as copyright violation in the long run. 

Advantages offered by AI writing tools

  • They can help you save time – When it comes to the content, time is of much essence. If you need to meet to deadlines as a content creator, you can use AI writing tools to help save time.
  • Ease of creating new content – You will be able to focus primarily on the content and create new posts and other content easily. They can also help you get content ideas.
  • They help create better content – The writing tools can be quite easy and great picks to help create better content. Some of them can search through several of your competitors and find help to get the best content possible. They can avoid human error and worldliness. 
  • They work round the clock – Unlike human writers, AI Writers help you round the clock in creating content. That can be a great asset to help you get writing assistance even at odd hours. 

If your target is to get organic traffic through the search engine, then you need to rank on Page#1 of Google. Use the best AI SEO tools to optimize your content.

Disadvantages of AI Writing Tools

  • They may not create creative content – The content created by AI tools may not be as human and creative. It would invariably lack emotions and may not resonate very well with your audience. 
  • They may produce erroneous content – The technology has come a long way, yet the research capabilities of the human brain have not yet matched machine-learned content. It can make mistakes in picking the right factual information.
  • They may include bias – The AI technology is based on the languages and the data they have been trained on. That would make them prone to bias. After all, AI software is created by humans and can be influenced by the views of their trainers. Humans have an option for an expansive database of knowledge, but the AI tools can only be based on the select database, however huge that may be. 
  • May have severe quality concerns and plagiarism – AI writing tools have an inherent risk of plagiarised content. They may also have severe quality issues.

The Parting Thoughts

Looking for an AI writing tool? Picking the best AI writing apps may not be that easy and simple. Especially with the huge number of AI writers that have mushroomed. We would assume that the list of the best AI options outlined in the above discussion should prove to be extremely handy for you in choosing the best among them. 

Having said that, do note that I would advise you not to rely completely on the AI writers. They are, after all, they are just software tools and cannot surpass human intelligence in any way. Many AI tools on this list come with specific features. Make sure that you have been using them with due care, and ensure that you find the top AI writer.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do AI writers work?

Most of the AI model content writers today work on the basis of GPT 3 or above. The Generative Pre-trained Transformer 3 is one of the strongest options for natural language processing. The AI writers use the huge dataset and fetch data from this database. The AI writers generally work with 570GB of information and use 10% of the internet. 

How can companies benefit from AI writing tools?

The benefits of using AI for businesses can include the following –

  • They help you create content faster
  • They are very cost-effective
  • They can help you generate better headlines and titles.
  • It can let you create readable content
  • It will also assist you with SEO content

Are AI writing tools accurate?

None of the AI writing tools are 100% accurate. Of course, they are learning and improving a lot, but they do not have the ability to differentiate between factual and inaccurate content. Thus you always need to authenticate the content shared by the AI writing tool.

Is AI writing apps and tools better than humans?

As long as writing is concerned, AI Writers do not face issues such as fatigue or writer’s block. They can produce content faster. However, when you look at the quality of the content, it may or may not be good. 

How AI can Help Your Writing Workflows?

A few ways that AI can improve your workflow can include

  • They help you brainstorm better ideas.
  • They can help in a faster processing
  • It can help you identify the topics that you can write about.
  • You can get better headlines and titles and even blog outlines which help you improve your content flow. 

Is AI content plagiarized?

Most of the time, the content created by AI is not considered your own. Most of the content produced is sourced from other locations and is thus plagiarised. 

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