9 Best AI Marketing Tools in 2023

best ai marketing tools

Being a marketer can be a huge task and comes with a huge list of things to do daily. It is quite possible that the workload literally becomes unbearable. This can leave many marketers scrambling between tasks to stay on top and be fully prepared. But, thankfully, the advent of AI – Artificial Intelligence has been instrumental in making these tasks easily manageable.

The use of artificial intelligence has finally become a norm in the marketing sector. Specialized AI marketing tools have become much handy in helping you achieve better efficiency in tasks such as personalized customer experiences, automating repetitive tasks, and predicting trends. AI used in these apps and tools helps achieve more positive results.

The best way to understand how powerful AI marketing tools and platforms have been revolutionizing every field, including marketing, is to check out a few AI marketing tools themselves.

9 Best AI Marketing Tools in 2023

The AI tools are software or platforms that use artificial intelligence for marketing purposes. Let us explore the impact of AI technology on marketing endeavors. In essence, AI marketing tools are software that makes use of AI for performing tasks.

Scalenut  – Best AI SEO Copywriting

If you are looking to scale up your business, nothing can be as better as Scalenut, which I prefer calling the best SEO tool that you can rely upon. It should be the perfect pick for your entire content management plan. It is a smart piece of AI software or a web-based tool that helps you generate content optimized for both short and long-form content.  The tool consists of multiple features, which include a keyword research tool, creating content briefs, a Chrome extension, and unique search engine optimization options. 


How do Scalenut features help marketing professionals? 

  • Efficient content marketing

Suppose you are in content marketing and sales and looking for software that automatically generates marketing campaigns for your brand. In that case, Scalenut can be a great pick you can rely upon for all your content management tasks.

  • Best suited for both beginners and experts alike

It does offer the essential tools for beginners and the advanced ones for those of you who may be looking for additional information. The tool works great as an SEO content hub for agencies or corporations. 

  • High-quality content briefs

If you have a team of writers working for you, Scalenut provides them with one of the most extensive content briefs to work further on. It can be a great pick to help eliminate writer’s block. An ability to pull out statistics and citations from real-time SERP data can further add credibility to your articles and other marketing content. A sure-shot way to rank your content better, right?

  • A powerful customer service 

The prime aspect that made me head over heels for their product is excellent customer service. If you are just starting out, I would recommend it as a Go-To tool as it comes with an easy-to-follow and simple learning curve to create a marketing copy with ease.

Scalenut Pricing

scalenut pricing

You can choose from among three different plans.

·         Essential – Priced at $20 per month, the plan best suits individuals and consultants. Offers around 100,000 AI words.

·         Growth –  This plan costs $40 per month. It is designed for startups that are just beginning and even for growing businesses. It provides you with unlimited AI words.

·         Pro – The Pro plan is priced at $75 per month. It can be a good pick for larger teams, businesses, and agencies. 

Rytr  – Best AI Content Writer

If you tend to face frequent writer’s blocks and are looking for a powerful AI writing tool, Rytr is the right AI writer you can trust. It is created on GPT-3.0 API and assists you in writing SEO-optimised content faster based on the inputs and context you provide. The tool can create both long-form and short-term content without hassles whatsoever. 


How to apply Rytr features to help in marketing?

  • A completely factual content writing

The facts do play a major role in any sort of content writing. Rytr does provide you with content that is backed by facts. I found the content created on Rytr to be factual at its best. I even checked the content against several sources, which included industry reports, research studies, and Statista. The tool is extremely useful and practical and helps you create content that is capable of resonating with readers across different marketing platforms. 

  • Helps automate almost every repetitive task

Rytr comes with a unique approach when it comes to marketing automation. With it by your side, you can automate most of your repetitive tasks. The playful and friendly tone offered by Rytr is yet another best way to sharpen your marketing strategy. The AI writing tool offers one of the excellent means to focus, ideate and write on the content that your audience resonates with. Data is key to marketing, and Rytr lives up to the expectations. 

Rytr Pricing

rytr pricing

The AI Writer offers you three different plans to work with.

Free plan – The free plan can generate up to 10000 characters per month. It also provides you access to up to 40 different use cases.

Saver plan – This plan is available at $9 per month. It lets you create up to 100,000 characters per month. You can access up to 40 use cases, as in the case of the free plan.

Unlimited plan – This plan is available at $29 per month. You get unlimited characters per month as part of the plan.

MarketMuse  – Best AI SEO Optimization

In case you are looking for a data-driven content strategy, MarketMuse should be the best AI marketing tool that you can invest in. It is a tool created for crafting optimized long-form content like emails, sales copies, landing pages, or articles.


How to use MarketMuse features to accelerate your marketing endeavors? 

  • More profound research on the topic

The tool can be of much essence for marketing professionals in the AI content marketing platform. It undertakes deep AI research into the topic that you have shared. Based on the first draft that the tool prepares, you can further improve it. MarketMuse also comes with a host of advanced tools and features, such as options for KPIs and content briefs. 

  • Effective natural language processing

The use of natural language processing is yet another primary feature that makes MarketMuse one of the most powerful AI content marketing tools. The tool capably offers you actionable insights into the content wherein you can improve the quality of your content. The ability to produce content that results from deep research and thus helps increase traffic by implementing the best SEO techniques across multiple marketing channels. It is one of the most powerful marketing tools that can help you create engaging content that ranks. 

 MarketMuse Pricing

marketmuse pricing

MarketMuse is available under four different plans to choose from.

·         Free Plan – It comes with 10 queries per month and limited page-level insights.

·         Standard plan – $149 per month. You get up to 100 queries per month, and full page-level insights.

·         Team plan – $399 per month. It offers you unlimited queries and briefs and full-page insights.

If you have large teams, you can opt for the custom plans that would offer you customized options. Get in touch with the customer service for the information.

Beautiful AI  – Best AI presentation Maker

If your marketing strategy involves sharing presentations, Beautiful AI is what would meet all your preferences. Simply provide your ideas to the marketing software, and it will present you with the data in the form of presentations instantly. A huge number of pre-built templates for the slides should make it one of the top picks for your presentation needs as part of your content marketing strategy.

beautiful AI

How to use Beautiful AI features help marketing professionals? 

  • An excellent pick for presentations

The AI marketing tool is your best bet for the presentations – thanks to over 60 customizable smart slide templates that form part of the tool. Some of the templates would include data reports, sales proposals, marketing plans, and pitch decks.

  • Efficient sharing and collaboration options

The collaboration and sharing options offered by the tool should further make it a good choice for your team efforts, as you will be able to work in tandem with one another. Complete integration with several tools, like Slack, Dropbox, and PowerPoint, would further make it stand apart from the rest.

  • High-end visualization of your content

The powerful visualization provides you with granular control over every detail. This can go a long way in speeding up your workflow. The professional design of charts and diagrams make it easy to understand the information.

Beautiful AI Pricing

Beautiful AI pricing

You can make a choice among the three plans. 

Pro plan – The plan is available at $12 per month. This plan is designed for individual professionals and unlimited presentations and AI content generation. 

Team plan – This plan is designed for the best team collaboration and costs $40 per user per month. Alon, with all the features of the Pro plan, it also provides you access to a collaborative workplace and a centralized slides library.

Enterprise plan – The enterprise plan is customized and can vary in pricing based on the size of your team and the exact features that you may be looking ahead to. It provides you with unlimited team resources and a host of other enterprise-specific functionalities.

Descript  – Best AI video & audio editor

Are you into audio and videos as part of your marketing? Descript is your best bet for anything in terms of Audio and Video editing. It has been designed as a powerful tool for audio and video editing. It offers you a very easy and simple interface to work with. The tool uses AI to help you create compelling audio and visual content without hassles. 


How do Descript features help you in the marketing field?

  • The best bet for audio-visual content

As a digital marketer, you perhaps understand the essence and importance of audio and video content. Descript lets you produce top-quality videos quite effortlessly. Working with the tool is extremely simple and easy. 

  • Easy-to-use interface

You can simply insert the text, images, audio clips, and other elements into the existing video and edit it to meet your needs. If your digital marketing strategy is more into audio-visual content, you will find the podcasting feature on the tool all the more unique. The overdub feature lets you add up natural-sounding voices to videos without audio engineering knowledge. 

  • A great means of marketing strategy

Video marketing is a must-have skill for marketing and Descript provides a great impetus in achieving the best video marketing efficiency. Designed for individual creators, freelance marketers, and small-business owners, the tool helps maintain a huge video marketing strategy ever. 

Descript Pricing

descript pricing

To begin with, Descript comes with a free plan. Apart, you can also make use of other additional plans based on your individual preferences. 

Free plan – You can work for one hour per month under the free plan. The video export resolution is capped at 720p HD.

Creator plan – This plan is priced at $12 per month. The plan lets you work for 12 hours per month. The default resolution available is 4K.

Pro plan – The Pro plan is available at $24 per month. It lets you work 30 hours per month. The video export resolution is offered in 4K.

You can even go with a custom plan. Have a discussion with customer care for details and pricing. 

Instantly AI  – Best AI Email Campaign

Imagine you are in a business that needs you to send and receive a lot of emails.  Instantly AI is your best pick for all your email campaigns and helps you plan your campaigns more effectively. It offers you an enhanced option with the best email-sending capabilities. The AI email marketing tool is designed to provide you with a good number of email accounts to work with, a great amount of warmup, and intelligent AI capability. 

Instantly AI

How to use Instantly AI features for your marketing efforts?

  • Efficient email marketing

Instantly AI is your one-stop solution for sending more emails with less effort. The email marketing tool can help raise your email deliverability and help you get a better response rate. Unlike most other email campaign tools, Instantly AI comes with an automated account warming tool capability. This lets you send thousands of emails without risking your sender’s reputation.

  • Dynamic email marketing capability

The software is capable of dynamically changing the targeted emails and thus runs a very clever and intelligent email campaign. The tool also specializes in calculated follow-ups which further helps you enhance your experience and provides you with the best results possible. It is a powerful marketing tool that helps in effective email campaigns.

Instantly AI Pricing

Instantly AI pricing

You can make a choice between two pricing plans.

·         Growth – The plan is priced at $30 per month. It comes with an unlimited number of emails. You also get up to 1000 active leads.

·         Hypergrowth – This plan is priced at $77.9 per month. This plan, too, comes with an unlimited number of email accounts. You get up to 25000 active leads.

Phrasee  – Best AI Brand Management

In case you are checking out the best means to improve your brand image, checking out Phrasee would be more practical. It can efficiently generate emails, Instagram, Facebook, or even push notifications to enhance your brand reputation. The task is completed through the use of natural language processing. This helps you create a copy that is perfectly human sounding and compliant with your brand image. It can also double up as a great influencer marketing tool.


How to use Phrasee features to benefit your marketing?

  • Create a huge level of brand recognition

If you are looking to identify customer sentiments, this is the tool that uses AI and machine learning algorithms to your advantage. The platform uses science-driven data and artificial intelligence marketing tools and techniques to help you create copies that are much better than the ones created by humans. The insights feature on the tool lets you develop the campaigns, create automated workflows, analyze results, and perform a host of other tasks. 

  • Complete integration of AI and deep learning

The tool integrates artificial intelligence and deep learning to properly understand historical customer data. The tool can capture the brand language and adapts it in every stage of your customer journey. As you go on using the tool, you will notice a consistent improvement. You will find the tool offers you a great way to take your marketing strategy to the next level. It is a powerful and unique online brand reputation management AI tool that works wonders. 

Phrasee Pricing

phrasee pricing

The tool is quite expensive, but it does provide you with an extensive set of advanced features. If you are looking to generate your copies alone, you can opt for the Generate plan at $500 per month. The option for Generate + Optimise comes with customized pricing. Get in touch with the sales and marketing section for the complete information.

ChatSpot  – Best AI Marketing Chatbot

If you are looking for one of the most powerful marketing AI chatbot experiences, ChatSpot should be something that would make a lot of sense. It is a tool that combines the power of ChatGPT with the HubSpot CRM. The tool is your one-stop solution for the best customer-centric chatbot that answers the questions posed by your customers. It is a powerful tool to help you perform the task through natural language processing. 


How to utilize ChatSpot features to help in marketing decisions?

  • Create a unique customer-centric interface  

ChatSpot AI is your best bet for an effortless means of sales and marketing representatives crafting emails and messages. The tool can efficiently and effectively pull the data directly from HubSpot. The ease of use and simple natural language processing that the tool works with makes it a prominent pick for almost all your needs in a customer-facing endeavor that you want to explore. 

  • Integration with HubSpot CRM

One of the features that I found much helpful was the ease of adding contacts and companies to their HubSpot CRM. It also helps you in generating tailored reports related to marketing, sales, or customer service activities and creates professional sales emails personalized for each recipient. It serves multiple purposes, such as email marketing campaigns, customer service, and many more.

ChatSpot Pricing

ChatSpot has recently been launched. They have not divulged any pricing plans as yet. You can sign in to your HubSpot account to use ChatSpot AI. If you don’t have a HubSpot account, you can create one. You may also sign in through your Google account or Microsoft account.

Albert AI  – Best AI Digital Advertising

Want to explore the digital learning arena? Albert AI is your saving grace. It helps you achieve a great degree of success in digital advertising through optimization and personalization. It makes use of Big Data to run the campaigns and then uses the self-learning software to improve your marketing strategy and its precision. The tool helps personalize and optimize the content across social media posts and other paid search platforms. It is the right pick for effective AI social media marketing. 

How to use Albert AI features to accelerate your marketing efforts? 

  • A beginner’s guide to digital advertising

If you are new to digital advertising and want to make the most out of the best advertising options available to you, Albert AI can be what would make your campaign more relevant and less wasted. It helps you automate almost every aspect of your ad campaign that, includes allocating the budget and optimizing creative and evolving campaigns across paid search, social media platforms, and programmatic ad channels.

  • An easy-to-use tool to handle repetitive tasks

The best way that you can put Albert AI to great use is through repetitive ad-focused tasks such as testing, scheduling, budgeting, bidding, analyzing, and providing insights. You will thus be free to focus primarily on creating connections and marketing. 

best ai marketing tools

Albert AI Pricing

The official website does not list any pricing. If you are impressed with the tool and want to use it for your campaigns, it is advisable to get in touch with their customer service for more information.

What are the benefits of AI Marketing Tools?

Using AI marketing tools comes with its own set of advantages. Of course, AI-powered marketing tools are still in a nascent stage, but still, I find it a great option to streamline marketing efforts in the right direction.

What makes AI marketing tools perform better in your marketing campaigns? Some of the benefits of using AI marketing tools can help you can include:

Help you make automated decisions.

The AI marketing tools you’ll need in 2023 can be helpful in automating data-based decisions. In fact, marketing is all about data and depends on how you handle it. The AI tools can provide you with a great way to achieve the task. 

Help you save enough time and money.

An AI-powered tool may need you to spend initially, but it does help save money. Every organization that deals in the marketing campaign will obviously be looking to save money, and the AI revolution should help them achieve it. The AI tools help businesses to work faster and more efficiently. Instead of having to put your marketing team on mundane and repetitive tasks, you can put them on more critical tasks. AI can process marketing campaigns and addresses every marketing concern you may have faster. 

Help you with real-time personalization.

AI marketing tools are practical enough to adapt to your sales and marketing strategies. That way, they can help you create a personalized experience with a customer. The AI marketing tools excel with predictive analysis and can help build a more personalized relationship with your clients. Using AI marketing tools to gain more customer traction would be much more practical. Businesses use AI tools to help them personalize their sales and marketing efforts. 

Offer an increased return on your investment.

The information gained using AI marketing tools is indeed quite invaluable. The smart tools let you maximize the value of the information and thus get a better ROI on your investments. The use of AI marketing tools for boosting sales and business. 

You can make use of AI tools to gain a competitive edge over your competitors. Your marketing strategy and customer service go hand in hand, and using the right tools in your marketing strategy can help you get the best out of your marketing efforts. 

The Concluding Thoughts

AI-powered marketing is, of course, still in the developing stage. But we have had a good experience with marketing tools powered by AI before. The advantages provided by AI algorithms are manifold, as they are set to offer you multiple benefits such as scalability, reach, efficiency, cost savings, decision-making, analytic power, better customer experience, and much more. AI marketing has hit the mainstream and it is quite important to join the bandwagon. The way these tools are revolutionizing the marketing arena is indeed something much eye-opening. 

We would assume that the revolutionary AI marketing tools in each category that we have outlined and discussed here should help you get a feel of the new series of tools that are set to demystify the concept of AI in marketing campaigns. Check them out and share your views with us. Leverage the ability of AI marketing tools to achieve a great standard.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the best AI tools for market analysis?

There are several AI tools that can be useful for market analysis. The right choice of the tool would be based on which genre of marketing scenario that you are focussed on. Some good tools that can prove to be much more effective can include Scalenut, MarketMuse, Instantly AI, and Phrasee, to name just a few. Practically any industry you belong to can use AI marketing tools to grow your business.

Which businesses use AI marketing tools?

Businesses of almost every size or genre use AI marketing tools to promote their brands. This includes big brands such as Google, IBM, and Airbnb, to name a few. The marketing tools will even be capable of improving each factor of your marketing journey. 

How can a business start using AI marketing Tools?

It is quite simple and easy to start using AI marketing tools. The steps that you are supposed to use in this venture would include:

  • Brainstorm and identify your goals. This will include detecting the purpose of using AI tools for your marketing campaigns and ventures. 
  • Research the best tools available for your purpose. Pick only those tools that are best suited for your business. 
  • Set up your tool.
  • Monitor the performance of your AI marketing tools.
  • Check for the issues and improve.

You can even change a tool and test with another one in the same genre. If you want your AI marketing tool to serve you to its best, ensure you understand the tool in a better way. 

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