Are NFC Business Cards Secure? Everything Explained To Protect You In 2023

Are NFC Business Cards Secure?

The advent of technology has led to a total transformation in how the business world operates. From online marketing to seamless payments, everything has added to the convenience. One new technology that has revolutionized things is Near field communications. This simple technology helps two devices connect to each other, leading to data transfer.

Though NFC is used for various purposes like making NFC payments, opening and closing doors, and location tracking, its business card feature is gaining forte. However, just like other things, there is always the concern of security. Here we will tell your everything about smart business cards and if they are secure.

First, let’s discuss the NFC technology briefly to understand its use in digital business cards.

What is NFC technology?

NFC technology, or near-field communication technology, is what allows two devices to communicate wirelessly with each other. The only thing required is that they should be in close proximity to each other. One of the most common usages of NFC is as used in smart cards allowing people to access control to office buildings.

Apart from that, the contactless payment you make at shopping outlets also falls under NFC technology. All that is required is an NFC reader, and the payment proceeds smoothly. However, NFC is still relatively in the beginning phases.

How is NFC used in digital business cards?

NFC is a wireless technology that uses radio frequency and communicates with devices within 4 cm or less. An NFC business card is an extension of your paper business cards. However, this one comes loaded with features leading to a lasting impression on potential clients. The card can communicate with a device, mostly a smartphone, that is in close proximity to it.

The NFC business card can be used to direct clients to your website, app, portfolio, registration page, etc. It has a chip installed within it that lets it send data to another device. The chip has low memory space and will only hold small bits of information.

Are nfc business cards secure

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The NFC business card requires an NFC app to be used. With the app, you can program the card and add details that you think are required. You could also make changes to the card after handing it to people. These business sector cards come with a high level of convenience, and you do not have to worry about wrong information as you can edit at any time. The steps to use an NFC-enabled digital business card are as follows:

  • Get the NFC business card and place it close to any NFC-compatible device. For instance, you could place it below the smartphone.
  • When the phone detects the NFC card, it will open the necessary action. The contacts that are saved in your NFC card will automatically be transferred to your smartphone. NFC cards are often a great way to share contact information as well as reduce paper waste.

What are the security features of NFC business cards?

The NFC virtual business cards are set to make business dealings much easier. But the million-dollar question remains if using these business cards is safe. Since vital information is shared through these cards, the security aspect of business cards today cannot be ignored. Some security features of virtual business cards powered by NFC are:

  • Proximity– Virtual business cards operate only when they are in proximity to an NFC-enabled card reader. That implies people can exchange data without installing any additional software. So, if you are initiating any payment or sharing, you will be asked to confirm the same. Only then will the further transaction be completed.
  • User initiation– In case you want to exchange any data or share something, you will have to accept the command. That means only you have the power to make any changes to the data stored. No one else can enter and alter or add anything to it.
  • Chip-based– The NFC business cards are chip-based, leading to secure transactions. All the data remains hidden in a small chip. Since the system is password-protected, no one else can access the information. This chip also assists in making communication between two devices simpler.
  • Tracking– The NFC app coming with your business helps you track to whom your data was shared. That means if by any chance your data has gone to someone unrelated, you get intimated. If there seems to be a data breach, you can contact your service provider and get your card altered.
  • Selective use– You get to use the virtual business card only with people who you are going to deal with. For example, if at a trade event, you meet some guests, the data will be stored only for those select few. No other person can enter your system or try and breach its privacy. For the rest of the people, traditional paper business cards are best.

What can you do to keep your NFC digital business cards safe?

Though NFC digital business cards are a great option, questions have been raised about the level of security they offer. However, a few kinks still need to be eased out. Let us read what can be done to keep the NFC business cards safe.

Use trusted platforms

Remember, there are many business card platforms that help you in using digital business cards. However, not all of them can be trusted. Research to find the one that has the best online reviews. Plus, industry experts must vouch for its credibility. Read about the security features accompanying the card. That would help you decide whether any company is serious about the security of your personal information.

Avoid picking up free providers

Apart from the above, you will find some free service providers as well. However, you must remember that these platforms would not have the same security protocols as the paid ones. They may just be in the fray to get some traffic on the website. It is feasible to invest your money in a paid platform as that only could offer the level of security you are looking for.

Keep your profile and app updated

The simplest way to use your NFC business card in a secure way is to keep the business card app on your mobile device always updated. If you have changed any contact information, ensure that you update the same on your digital business card. This would help you in two ways. One that the people with whom you share your contact information would be able to reach you quickly.

The second benefit is that you would remain updated with the new security measures updated. So, if you have to make some changes to the information for better security, you can do so immediately.

NFC business cards

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Store the card safely

When the NFC business card is not in use, it is best to keep it safe. Digital business cards are often stolen, and then the results can be disastrous. You could keep it in a protective case or sleeve. This would keep your card within your reach yet safe from any thefts. Most NFC business card providers add an extra level of protection by encrypting the NFC signal. That checks that if the card is stolen, the data will remain protected no matter what.

Provide cards only to people you can trust

The most important way to keep the digital business card safe is to only give it to people you consider trustworthy. This includes clients, acquaintances, and people in your network. Though they are a good option, just giving the details to every other person would only cause security complications.

If someone asks for your NFC digital business card, but you are unsure of his identity, stick to traditional business cards. It is much better than losing vital data.

Track the sharing statistics

Most NFC digital business card providers also offer the convenience of an app and wallet. On the app, you can track the details of who you shared the details with. So, if you notice any discrepancy in the way you share, you can straightway notice the same. For instance, if at an event you see more exchanged digital business cards than the number you gave the contactless business cards to, it is a sign of NFC security and data breach.

Report any issues faced

Despite all these measures, if your card is lost or stolen, you must quickly report the same. The sooner the resolution for such unauthorized transactions is found, the better it is for you. The service provider would deactivate the card so no one else could misuse it. Don’t take the security of your NFC business card lightly, as they contain very vital data.


With everything coming under the digital setup, the NFC tag business cards are a convenient step to share your contact information. Using them through the URL adds a level of convenience and enhances your reputation as well. However, the near-field communication smart card needs to be treated with care as compared to a physical card. If an NFC card is lost or stolen, it can be a huge security concern.

In such a situation, it is wise to quickly respond and block the card and keep NFC secure. Being careless about how you share your card can be damaging to your business and its reputation. The future of NFC is rather strong thanks to its benefits and features.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can NFC cards be encrypted?

Yes, the NFC cards can be encrypted to make them safe and secure. In fact, the process of using an NFC for encryption is quite similar to the encryption of a bank card. After the encryption, it is hard for anyone to intercept the digital cards. Your business card remains protected, and the chances of anyone getting to it are minimal. Apple has been supporting encryption measures to make them much faster and more convenient.

What Are the Risks to NFC Security?

Despite heavy security protocols in use cases, there are chances of data getting compromised while you use NFC. This becomes one of the biggest concerns affecting NFC business cards. Some potential risks to NFC tag security can be privacy breaches, contactless payment processing fraud, QR code data corruption and tampering, mobile malware downloads, etc.

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