I’m Rashmi And Here Is My Story

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Ever since I was young, I loved reading books. To me, books were like a window to the world of the unknown and the world of adventure. Books, studies, creativity, learning new things, and signing up for seemingly difficult tasks have always been a significant part of my life. I enjoyed being challenged and consequently, gained new abilities to flourish.

I am a constant learner and a hustler. My quest to get better every day has led me to complete several courses, get certifications, develop new skills, volunteer regularly, and start content creation with this blog!

The eagerness to learn new things and grow in my career led me to travel internationally and come to the United States to complete my doctorate in chemical engineering. At present, I work as a Research Engineer in the Tech Industry, and my day entails brainstorming ideas, crunching numbers, visualizing problem statements, and presenting solutions. But that’s just one-third of my day!

During the other part of the day, I create content to help my readers to leverage their online presence to create a brand for themselves and their ventures.

Over the past decade, I’ve curated the perfect toolkit, and know-how to build a solid digital presence and use that brand to multiply the income and increase revenue.

So, whether you are an entrepreneur, a working professional, or a business owner, you will surely find value in this blog.

In this community, I share and write about those creative ideas, the know-how, and the tools to help you take a step forward in your digital marketing journey. I cover marketing from every perspective, and the topics include:

  • What skills are needed to start your career in digital marketing?
  • The titbits: business networking, lead generation, market research, etc.
  • How do you write a killer copy?
  • How to rank on Page#1 of Google?
  • How to monetize your digital presence?
  • The amalgamation of AI and Marketing

The list goes on, but you get the idea. The mantra is to take one step at a time and be on a journey you are proud of!